Slave To Fashion by Safia Minney – A Truly Important Kickstarter

Everyone! Please check out Safia Minney’s kickstarter. Safia basically created People Tree and has made so many of us aware of why we must buy Fair Trade clothing.

So many of the high street brands we wear are, I’m afraid to say, the product of modern slavery. That’s people (predominantly women) just like you and me, being pushed into the dirt (literally and metaphorically) to make the clothes we buy and blog and love and very often throw away without thinking much about where they came from.


Check out the video to find out why we should all be donating towards Safia’s very worthy, very vital new project. She changed the face of fashion with People Tree, let’s help support her in her next venture – and change, in a very real way, people’s lives.

Rebecca x

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  1. Victoria wrote:

    This is an AWESOME project — sharing right now!!!

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