BEAUTY TUESDAY: Skin Saviour for Breakouts: Avéne Cleanance Mask…

This is one of my all-time favourite products. It works, it’s reliable, and it’s inexpensive.

Photo Cleanance MASK Masque-Gommage 50ml

I actually got it for my boyfriend, as he gets very oily problem skin. It is something of a miracle worker at reducing the size & redness of spots, regulating shine and giving skin a softness without drying it out at all. I think he likes me stroking it into his face, too, even though he makes out like it’s a horrible experience.

Personally, I tend to avoid products aimed at acne, as my skin can get dry and irritated very easily.

However, I was recently having one of those awful ‘time of the month’ days where you go from feeling really confident to feeling fat, greasy, spotty and puffy in the course of an hour. I had loads of spots magically appear and a big casting the next day.

Feeling desperate and deciding to risk a dry skin rash, I put this on. For two or three seconds there’s a satisfying mild tingle, which is what you want when you’re fighting spots. Not one of those terrible high street products that make your skin feel like (and look) you’ve rubbed it in mentholated liquid nitrogen. Just a mild, pleasant, ‘getting to work’ feeling.

When I rinsed it off with warm water, I was pretty amazed. NO dryness at all. The spots had reduced and calmed down to practically nothing, thanks to the Glycolic & Salicylic Acid that tackle the blemishes. The greasy feeling was gone as Kaolin had sucked out all the excess sebum. But thanks to that lovely purifying, active Eu Avéne Thermale Spring Water, my complexion wasn’t dry or irritated. My skin felt silken smooth and even.

This is perfect for models experiencing breakouts to fall back on. It’s effective enough that you’ll see a change, but the fact that it’s not remotely aggressive means that your skin can cope with the frequent make up applications on shoots or during shows.

Check out for more of their products. You can buy the Cleanance Mask from plenty of places, including Boots, where it’s £11.50.

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