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I struggle with activewear. You know I love my Manuka leggings for my dance classes and their styles are great, but I had yet to find a supportive sports bra for HIIT/aerobic workouts that didn’t look made for a PE lesson.

I think we look for very different things in our sportswear these days. It used to be ‘jogging bottoms/holey Tshirt/Umbro shorts from when I was 14 with a pair of ankle socks and Asics trainers. Basically the gym time was just invisible ‘workout’ space/time to look presentable for shoots and holidays.

Now, our workouts have to be as Instagrammably-stylish as we do for socialising and work. The general aim is to flit seamlessly between all three without having to change – who wants fifteen minutes either side of class of speedy changing time if we can just waltz in and our of our Pilates class straight to appointments? (or, as magazines say of celebs importantly carrying coffee cups and crossing roads…’runnind errands’. I love that).

Silou Active really stands out as a stylish and VERY well-made brand – and it’s designed by high fashion model, yogi and mum-of-two Tatiana Kovylina.

With jeans, leggings or with fluoro leg warmers(!), this body is well-made and adaptable. Ps doesn’t Tatiana look like a classy Juliette Lewis?

This isn’t any old range: each piece has been carefully tailored and thought about for maximum aesthetics AND fit, so for example their bodies won’t wedge up anywhere you don’t want them to in your Downward Dog.

£175 from

I love my Bridget sports bra, which I’ve been wearing loads.

It’s supportive enough for HIIT and it looks cool – it always gets comments – but it’s also things like…You don’t get ‘armpit pudge’ as it’s been so carefully thought out, and the navy/black combo is universally flattering. It sort of works layered as a crop top under a shirt for normal day wear.

£90 from

I realise these don’t come cheap, but actually I don’t find that any good sportswear comes cheap anyway. Even lurid neon sports bras from major high street brands are around the £50 mark and ones that come any lower leave me with the fear that they aren’t supporting my boobs enough and I don’t want to deal with the sagging consequences of that! Silou Active are very strict in paying their workers fair prices in good conditions and ensuring that no harsh chemicals are used that harm the body and environment – so I do feel like the prices are fair. (you can read their ethics statement here).

Also, don’t you find that once you get a good piece of active wear, you wear it again and again and again? So in terms of cost per wear, this is more of an investment. Though I got given my sportsbra as part of a press day I’ll definitely be heading back as a customer, so I’m officially declaring myself as a fan!

Rebecca x

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