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As you can see from the below pics, I had rather a lot of fun with Theo creating some (literally) fierce looks with Sukin face masks.


You might remember last week I spoke about this cruelty-free beauty brand, which doesn’t use sulphates or parabens and is carbon neutral, too: just the way I like my skincare. Sukin are becoming rather famous among my friends in the makeup and beauty industry for doing exactly what they say on the tin. If it says it’ll hydrate, it’ll hydrate, if it says it’ll calm down skin: my stressed skin feels like cool silk been has wafted down onto it from the clouds. They’re fresh, they feel clean, and they can more than hold their own against any fancy-pants products out there.

Much of their ranges have worked their way onto my bathroom shelf and into my every day skincare, because I trust it works and I appreciate that it is a responsible company. And the fact that they’ve launched in Boots is a bonus: not only can more people have access to their products, but my Advantage Card is singing! Today I’m looking at their face masks, and typically for Sukin there’s a dazzling array to choose from.

Sukin Supergreens Detoxifying Clay Masque, £11.95 at Boots

sukin-super-greens-masque-100ml-11-95I’ll start with my favourite: the Detoxifying Facial Mask. It’s become my most trusted on-the-spot treatment, working on both Theo and I. I’m usually fairly spot free these days (and after three bouts of acne that’s hard-earned) but the other week I had the most WTF IS THAT, ENORMOUS AND PAINFUL spot growing on my chin!

And my Littlewoods commercial was in two days!

So I put a dab of this on and just kept it there while I did my writing. Washing it off a couple of hours later, the Mount Etna on my chin had become more of a barely discernible hillock. By the next day, it had vanished. If I suffered an outbreak in future then I’d turn to this immediately, and for usual use I’ll apply this to my T-Zone as it’s great on congested areas. This is part of Sukin’s Supergreen’s range (do check out their exfoliator, too) so there’s kale, spirulina, chlorella and parsley to detoxify and pack an anti-oxidant punch, but unlike a lot of ‘detox’ type masks it’s not drying thanks to baoab and Jojoba. Rosehip oil will act in a healing way on any spots you’ve succumbed to and picked (always best not to, but who doesn’t succumb now and then?)…

This is sort of like my ‘SOS’ mask for time-of-the-month-skin.

_mg_0373Fight spots with spots! 

Sukin Oil Balancing Plus Charcoal Anti-Pollution Facial Masque, £11.95 from Boots

sukin-oil-balancing-plus-charcoal-anti-pollution-facial-masque-100ml-10-15So speaking of period skin, my skin won’t always flare up with spots but it does get these days where it’s simultaneously tight, greasy, lacklustre, red and dry. Attractive! And this always seems to fall on days where I have big shoots or events coming up. It must also be to do with living in London…Everywhere I walk I’m pelted with pollution – is anyone else finding it particularly intense this year? I’m tempted to get a Bane mask.

_mg_0453I tried all three at once: Oil Balancing Masque for T-zone, Hydrating on my more crinkley eye area and Detoxifying for Mount Etna! (And it all worked). 

This face mask wins for being my favourite colour, it’s sort of bluey grey (brings out my eyes, don’t you think? ;-)) and feels more glidey than the others. Just like the detoxifying mask I like this for my T-Zone to balance out all that schizophrenic skin: bamboo charcoal has risen to the forefront in beauty lately as it’s rather a wunder-ingredient. It’s highly absorbent, helping to draw out toxins and it’s anti-bacterial to help fight blemishes. Paired with willowherb, which is an anti-inflammatory, that hormonal skin that I’m sure a lot of ladies are identifying with right now is really targeted. But again, this isn’t an aggressive mask as there’s bilberry, white tea and pomegranate to impart antioxidants and avocado to moisturise (so you don’t get that nasty, squeaky ‘can’t-move-my-face’ feeling after washing off).

Sukin Hydrating Facial Masque, £11.95 from Boots

sukin-hydrating-facial-masque-2-11-95Lastly, I gave their Hydrating Masque a go. This isn’t your standard moisturising mask, as there is a light natural exfoliating action too so it’s not just dry but dull skin that’s sorted out. I’d use this when I came home from a flight (there have been many of those this year. Sorry carbon footprint!), when I’ve been exercising, sauna-ing and showering at the gym a lot or…less angelically…when extremely hungover.

I like to apply quite a lot after cleansing because it feels quite decadent and so cooling, plus it sinks in really rapidly. Some of these ingredients sound rather edible, frankly: mango seed butter, avocado olive fruit to feed the skin.  And I’ve spoken before about using papaya as a homemade face mask but here it’s mixed with pineapple, both rich in enzymes that very gently exfoliate and brighten skin. Plus compared to the homemade face mask, you don’t need to stand awkwardly over the sink while black seeds fall off your face, blocking the plughole…

There’s also none tingly/stinging sensation I get from the homemade masks when I use Sukin’s – it’s all just very soothing.

Rather than wash off as the packaging advises me to, I just wet a cotton pad with my Avéne spray and wipe off any excess as so much of it disappears into my skin anyway I don’t want to dry it out any more, then follow with their Facial Moisturiser and Antioxidant Eye Cream and (good intentions) an early night.

So there we have it! Those are the masques I’ve been loving, and I’d like to leave you with a final tip. If you feel like you never have enough time for face masks (something I totally get) then try coupling your ten minutes mask time with ten minutes of meditation. It’s a great way of multi-tasking some self-care and getting into good habits that’ll calm you down before bed.

Rebecca x

Pictures by Theo Games Petrohilos, who, when he’s not taking photos of me, is an architect, artist, designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Check out his Instagram here.

Sukin products do not contain: sulphates, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, artificial colours, triethanolamine, mineral oils, parabens or EDTA. You can find lots of information about them on their website.

CFF (Choose Cruelty Free) accredited.

As stated in title, this is a sponsored post. All opinions my own.

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    Well if it gets me skin like yours… I know you’re not an easy girl to please skin care wise! x

  2. Fay wrote:

    Got the hydrating toner after your review and love, LOVE it! The hydrating mask sounds well worth a try too so I’ll let you know!

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