Sarah Mac is…’Only Human’! More Embarrassing Moments from My Model Mates!

Sarah Mac is a woman of many talents. She’s a brand director/yogi at Manuka Yoga

sarahchakraRead my review of Manuka’s stuff here

…She has already established herself as a successful model with Bookings

sarahmacIt’s OK – I’m looking at them, too…

…And Sarah has also set her sights on acting.

Sarah’s showreel – see more of her work on her IMBD

Having already made waves in the acting world, Sarah had a meeting organised with a very influential director…So tell us what happened, Sarah?

“This meeting was set up in LA, and it was a pretty big one as it was with a really important director. I was sat in this café waiting for him and I felt really uncomfortable in my trousers. I’d eaten too much and my belly was just really pushing at the waistband! [being Christmas right now, I’m sure we can all sympathise – R].

Well anyway, I decided to undo the top button of my flies under the table, hoping no one would notice. And then I totally forgot all about doing it. The director walked in and I stood up to greet him…And, as we shook hands….Well, you can guess! The whole time we were shaking hands, my trousers were sliding down more and more until they were at my ankles! God, it was such a big opportunity and just so embarrassing…” 

Don’t worry Sarah – I’m sure he didn’t mind – if anything he probably enjoyed you revealing your 1st Chakra!


Hope you got the job….And thanks for sharing your cringe-worthy story with Modeltypeface!

Rebecca x

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