Revive Tired Skin with Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask

Face masks. I do rate them for giving your skin an intense boost of whatever it needs (cleansing, oil absorption, hydration), but it’s hard to find a good one. A lot of them are too clay-based for my liking and leave me with tight-feeling skin, while others are just not very effective.

I excitedly gave Pai’s a go as soon as I found it in my Soil Association goodie bag because I’m a huge fan of the brand. They are passionate about making products free from chemicals that irritate the skin, and truly want to help those who have skin conditions. Their Rose & Camelia Cleanser got me through an atrocious attack of hives, so when I looked at my dry, fatigued skin and had a shoot the next day, I reached straight for their new face mask.


I was a little underwhelmed when I squeezed it onto my palm: I’m used to face masks feeling super unctious and being more luxurious feeling, whereas this is very much like a standard, light face cream with a delicate, punchy floral smell. It sank in right away and, because it lacked that ‘whistles-and-bells’ feeling, I wasn’t holding out for much difference.

You remove this with a warm, wetted muslin cloth that comes with the mask, and when I did so ten minutes after applying the mask I was very surprised. Without any tingles, or deep hydrating sensations, or any indication that magic was being performed….My skin really was transformed. It was definitely calmer, it felt soft and supple, and it was very deeply hydrated. If I had to liken my complexion to a season it would be spring, and after sleep the improvements kept coming – I woke up confident about my skin on the shoot and it was definitely complimented by the team!

The magic ingredients here are Rosehip CO2 Extract, which is great for healing and is rich in antioxidants and omegas, and Strawberry Leaf, which is energising and illuminating. It’s £30, which I think is worth it for the fact that it works so effectively.

Something I really appreciate about Pai is that they list every single one of their ingredients and translate from Latin to English, so some of the more chemically-sounding bits like ‘tocopherol’ are revealed to actually be Vitamin E. Check out their site for more info.

Rebecca x

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