My Recent shoot with Cyrus Mahboubian

Hello! I had a lovely Thursday last week, strolling around Richmond Park with artist and photographer Cyrus Mahboubian. Have you ever been to Richmond Park? If not, you should try some time. It’s vast and sprawling, ranging from open plains of grass (constantly nibbled at by herds of deer) to enchanted forests of twisted, dead trees and lakes. It’s restorative and bracing and soulful, all at once.

So I met Cyrus at an exhibition a couple of years back, where he was exhibiting his stuff alongside my friend, Kenzo. My mum-in-law, Naomi*, loves picking people up – taking a liking to them and making them part of the family. That’s basically what she did with me, chatting me up for her son on the Bakerloo line!

It turns out we went to the same Uni and had lots of friends in common – and that Cyrus is wildly talented! His work is being exhibited all over the place, and I’m always struck by the calmness and stillness he imbues in every image, whether it’s of nature or his friends.

That did make shooting me quite hard. I’m so used to bouncing around on set, keeping up my energy and banging out shot after shot. That made taking a ‘Cyrus-y’ picture of me: Rebecca, rather than Rebecca: the Model, quite a challenge (and a future blog post).


But I do feel we got it in this picture. Cyrus took it with rare black & white Polaroid film on a rare Polaroid camera that looked a bit like ET (sorry, that’s as technical as I get). I just love the shot! We’ll definitely be shooting again in the future and I can’t wait.

For anyone who wants to check out more of Cyrus’ work, you can head to his Instagram, his Facebook page or his website. Oh look! He even has a Wikipedia!

Rebecca x

*in all senses but the legal one

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