Reader’s Question: What Should My Daughter Wear for a Test Shoot?

Hooray! I just love receiving reader’s questions – it makes me feel trusted and like I’m doing something right!

I got this question, from a model mum:

“Dear Rebecca,

My daughter has a test shoot next week, and they’ve said to bring four outfit changes. Any ideas on what kind of thing I should take? I value your advice. Thanks x’

So – four shoots to me means two different seasons and two different ‘vibes’. I’ve never child modelled, but the markets you’re going for will be totally commercial. Older new faces at grown up agencies will be aimed at editorial markets first, which is why they’re usually shivering, wearing nothing but a headdress, balanced on a rooftop in E16.

So outfit 1, I would recommend super duper plain – think Gap Kids. a plain white T shirt, jeans and Converse or bare feet, with hair down.


Outfit 2, I would think more ‘Claire’s Accessories’ – more of a party outfit, maybe hair in plaits and a slick of lip gloss (no more! No one likes kids in too much make up).

sailorI love me a bit of Claire’s! PS this is Sailor Brinkley – supermodel Christie Brinkley’s daughter!

Outfit 3: You see kids in lots of Christmas shoots, so aim for that season. A winter coat, a woolen beret, tights and Mary Janes or little boots – just think ‘girl in the Secret Garden film’ (also my style icon).


Lastly I’d say go for the ‘Back to School’ kind of look. I realise that’s not going to fill your daughter with joy, but that’s such a huge market and the sort of job she’s going to be put forward to do. It doesn’t have to be a genuine school uniform, but an outfit with that sort of look.


I reckon make up and hair should be natural – a tiny amount of powder to reduce shine, and hair either down, in a pony tail or in plaits – nothing fancy, as if you look at kids in advertising campaigns, they’re styled very minimally.

The aim here isn’t to make your daughter look like a model, or like a more glamorous version of herself. It’s just to make her look very natural, relaxed and exactly as she would be booked for a commercial job. I’d recommend either very natural, neutral face or smiles – no one wants to see a kid pouting, or giving a supermodel ‘glare’!

Lastly, I really hope you’re not paying a lot of money for this. We models do occasionally pay for tests, but rarely more than £120. Any more than that and you’re probably being fleeced I’m afraid.

Good luck, and send me the pics when you’re done – I’d love to see!

Rebecca x

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  1. Lauran wrote:

    Stumbled upon this article and you nailed it, thanks so much- my daughter is also going for a test shoot in a couple of weeks- this helps me narrow down the field of clothing! 😉
    You’re a Godsend!

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