Reader’s Question Time: Should I Pay for my Child Model Daughter To Attend Castings?

They’re coming thick and fast! Another question, again about child modelling.

“Dear Rebecca,

I’ve had an email from my child’s modelling agency mentioning a casting with a £15 fee. Please tell me I don’t have to pay to send my daughter to a casting?! It worries me that this is going on!”

No WAY should you EVER pay to attend a casting! There’s no logic to it! That would be a ploy to make money from over-pushy Mums.

However are you sure the fee is on your side? As far as I’m aware, child models are actually paid to attend castings, around £10 – 18 to cover travel. Perhaps the fee is actually for your daughter?

I’m pretty sure I’m right, as the thought of people charging kids to attend castings would be a totally immoral way of making money!

Keep those questions coming.

Rebecca x

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Picture credit: TLC

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