Reader’s Question Time: I’ve Just Been Signed to a ‘Bridging’ Agency! Would you Make Sure They’re Legit?

So I had this question, from a MTF follower who I’d given advice to previously. She asks….

“Hi Rebecca! AMAZING NEWS! I’ve been signed! (I think). They’re this bridging agency who help girls from out of town get signed to a New York agency and become professional models.

You get your accomodation, your food and an industry-standard portfolio by the end of 90 days. All they charge is $400 and you pay your way with promotional modelling!

I know it prob sounds dodge and I was skeptical at first, but I’ve been speaking to the other girls who are currently on the program and they’re all super happy.

I know it’s a big ask, but would you just check they’re legit for me?


Dear reader,

My gut instinct as I read the first line was correct.



Just to make sure, I looked on the website at the ‘models’ they’re promoting. There were one or two with true potential but the rest were attractive, nice looking girls who will never, ever be models.

These people are harnessing your passion, your dreams for their own profit and they do NOT care about you.

First things first: a bridging agency? What parasites! There is no need on earth for a ‘bridging’ agency. You could send a selfie from an igloo in remotest Greenland, with no make up on and wearing ten layers of thermals and, if it looked like you had the right bone structure, an agency would fly you out right away.

To get signed, you don’t need to be ‘bridged’. You don’t need an ‘industrial standard’ portfolio (note: if someone describes themselves as ‘industry standard’…there is no way they actually work in fashion).

All you need is the right body, the right face and you will get signed without ANY experience of ANY kind of professional modelling photos.

Next problem: that ‘promotional modelling’. Do you know what that entails love? It means going out to nights, where someone has paid this modern-day Fagin to bring along a coterie of naive, scantily clad young girls to sit at tables in clubs and be ogled by men. And bought drinks for, and hopefully mingle. Whatever that means.

It’s preying off the green and vulnerable. It’s a bit too close to pimping for my liking. Plus – doing this kind of modelling, being seen in those kinds of places and being photographed in those kinds of places…That could harm a modelling career.

Love, if you have the right look, then all you need to do is send a few photos of yourself against a white wall, looking neutral, to all the legit agencies in New York or world wide (a legit agency will NEVER charge you for ANYTHING). You could even go in person if you’re in the area, or find a more local, smaller agency who might nurture you a bit.

agency polas

You MIGHT (I’m sorry) not get signed. And that’s cos we have to accept that not everyone can be a model, and maybe it’s not for you. This doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful – most models aren’t traditional beauties – it just means you don’t have the right height or bone structure to capture the light and take a photo in a very specific way.

I don’t want to destroy anyone’s hopes and dreams. But the fact is that so many young women (and men) DREAM and HOPE to become models, and they can’t, because they don’t look like a strange, over-limbed, gawky alien in skinny jeans (all new face models fit this description).

But because it’s so many people’s dreams, and we’re all force-fed the notion that ‘if you wish upon a star and work hard enough, you can achieve’, many will pay their $400 in the hope that THIS is their opportunity.

It isn’t.

It’s a very cruel and exploitive way of making money.

I really hope you get signed, but you simply CANNOT pay these people money and believe you are going to become a model this way. This is tough love.

Rebecca x

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