Reader’s Question Time: I was scouted by Storm when I was 12. I’m now 19, should I pursue it?

“Hi, I’ve read your blog and I find it extremely helpful! I would just like to ask a few questions that maybe you could help me with. I was spotted by Storm Agency in Topshop when I was 12/13. My mum got in contact with her them at the time and they said I was still too young for the line of work they wanted me to do, however told me to get back in contact once I reached 16. By then my mum had lost her contact details and life was too busy with GCSEs for me to pursue modelling.

I am now 19 and I would like to try modelling again. I think I prefer to do a walk-in rather than sending in pictures however I have to clue how to approach this. Will I need to wear heels? Will I need to bring in pictures? Also although I am skinny compared to the average girl I’m not sure if I’m skinny enough, is there measurement guidelines to follow? Sorry for the lengthy email & I’m aware I am not a model so this email may not be your priority. I hope to hear back from you.

Thanks in advance”

Dear reader,

So much to address! Firstly, the skinny part: don’t worry. You’re a 19 year old, not a 13 year old. I was drastically different between those ages and that’s just natural that our bodies develop! There are vague measurement guidelines but if you have the right ‘look’ then it doesn’t matter if you don’t totally conform (seriously, my measurements are WEEEEIRD).

Next: if you’re interested in modelling, and you’ve been scouted in the past, then that’s definitely an indication that you should at least pursue it. Storm are a really big agency (my friend Billy is New Faces booker there) so it’s an amazing opportunity. I don’t think 19 is too late – it’s not ideal as most agencies prefer 16 as a starting point – but my friend Steph Boote started at 21 and that was with Select.

Steph had a great career and started late…

I think you should ring them up, tell them you were scouted when you were younger and ask them when’s best to go in. Just go in what you feel comfortable in: heels aren’t necessary, just boots or Converse, nothing too shabby but nothing overly glam! Maybe jeans, a vest top and sneakers/ankle boots. Wear no (or minimal, natural) make up and just wash and brush your hair, they want to see you as you are, rather than made up.

You don’t need to take in pictures! They’ll take Polaroids of you in the agency and be able to judge your potential from them – you mustn’t spend money on pictures to get into modelling, it’s one of the most common scams out there, taking advantage of young peoples’ modelling dreams.

I do have lots and lots of advice on how to present yourself and what to expect from an agency walk-in here.

Now there is a negative side to this. You might have looked very different at 13 to how you look now. You might not have grown to the specific height (tends to be 5″8 and over) or the person who scouted you might not work for Storm any more. Many, many people are scouted every day and only a tiny proportion of those scouted actually get signed to the agency (and then the number of those who succeed in any meaningful way is even tinier). It’s just good to go in with an optimistic, but realistic, outlook. Luckily you’ve been very wise and got your qualifications beforehand so there are many other options if you don’t get signed.

On a side note, if Storm don’t want to sign you onto their books, it’s worth checking out a few other agencies while you’re in town. I got scouted and rejected by Models 1 and (the shame) Oxygen but was later scouted by Premier – each agency has their own look. You can always check out my very, very friendly agency, Bookings!

Hope this helps! Let us know how you got on!

Rebecca x

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