Readers Question Time: I Want to Become a Model, but I Am Uncomfortable with Nudity, Kisses and Vulgarness…

I received another query recently, here’s what was asked…

I want to become an Model. I just want to know how to start and where to go? I know about modelling but I don’t know procedures.. Can u plz explain step by step plz. And also I am uncomfortable with nudity kisses and vulgarness. Is that ok or it is compulsory for modelling to wear bikini and pose hot pics??

Hi there, well firstly, welcome to modeltypeface where you have all of this information at your fingertips!

Firstly you need to contact the agency: if you haven’t been scouted, you might…

Send your pictures into the agency


Do an agency walk-in

Then, once you’re there and need to learn about beauty, health, your legal and financial standing and how to actually model, keep coming back here as there’s about three years worth of advice from my friends and I!

And as for the idea of being vulgar in modelling…It’s certainly a very subjective notion, and what is one person’s classy shoot as another person’s porn. But I think you mean, will you have to kiss or wear bikinis or be sexy? Will you be snogging male models? The answer is no. When you sign to an agency, there’s a big long list of boxes to tick to indicate what you’re comfortable or not comfortable doing. There’s nudity, lingerie, kissing, acting, sportswear, stunts…You can just leave those boxes you don’t want to do blank. On shoots, if you’re uncomfortable, it is your absolute right to say so.

There is now a model who wears a hijab, Mariah Idrissi. I think she’s gorgeous!

Pic from Mariah’s Instagram

…And you may find this video of her speaking about featuring in an H&M campaign useful:

You can take control in your modelling career. Some people may find it limiting to say no to swimwear or sexiness, but others find it enhances their career: look at Coco Rocha, a Jehova’s Witness who refuses to do anything she deems too sexy.

I hope this helps!

Rebecca x

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