Reader’s Question: I Want to be a Model, but I don’t Want to Shoot Nude…

Hello! Just last month, I got scouted on the street. I love the art of fashion, and adding to that as a model, but I don’t like all the nudity etc. I don’t want to get regrets taking pictures that show more than I would’ve wanted to. I don’t want to kiss someone, I don’t want to go topless. Is that even possible?

I’m sorry for messaging you so randomly, I just hope you have some advice and wisdom for me! x

Dear reader,

Hello! Don’t apologise for messaging me – advice and wisdom on modelling is what I do, and happily so!

Congratulations on being scouted! It’s quite an experience, isn’t it, and one that not many people will have the chance to experience. Before we even talk about getting boobs out, let’s double check the agency is legitimate: if they’ve asked you to pay any money, to shell out for a portfolio of pictures then bin the card.

Onto your main question: in short, no, you should never feel pressured or obligated to get your boobs out. Some models, like Lara Stone…

Lara-Cover-4Lara for Love Magazine

and Naomi Campbell…


…Have no qualms about getting it all out for the camera. Others, such as Coco Rocha, don’t even do sexy let alone nude shoots. I remember one model, Havi, who was Jewish and even had cubicles erected backstage so that she could change in privacy.

I think you’re very wise to be thinking about the potential effect any nude pictures may have on your future. If you’re thinking of going into teaching, law or the royal family, those pictures can stay around forever and even hinder your chances of employment. Many models I know have got naked loads, loved it, and it’s had no effect on their lives at all – but it is good to mull over.

Personally, I never even did see-through when i started modelling, as my Mum had told me not to. I won’t lie: it’s pretty much expected that you’ll be comfortable with sheer, and even topless.

So, how do you navigate a modelling career when you aren’t comfortable with nude or transparently-clothed shoots? It’s very easy! Firstly, you tell your agency, who will understand, and notify clients. Then, if you’re on a shoot and you come against something you aren’t comfortable…


It really is that simple. No drama, no fuss, no anxiety on your part. You just say ‘Oh, I don’t do nude. My agency knows.” The client cannot pressure you or force you to do it (and, in the overwhelming majority of cases, they won’t). I personally have done shoots where they’ve said they’ll Photoshop out any nipples (lucky Photoshop guy….), which I’m OK with, but you do have to trust that they’ll do it.

Lastly, the kissing. Once again, just tell your agency, as it’s completely fair enough that you don’t want to! They just won’t put you up for those jobs. You can shoot with male models without having to snog them, and you can always read my guide on how to shoot with men here.

I suppose so many adverts we see in magazines are very sexual – naked models making out smelling of fancy perfume or driven wild with lust over clothes.


But the fashion industry is very broad and there are plenty of jobs and brands out there that are far less provocative.

MH-ADS-SS15-SPA respected brand and not a nipple in sight!

I think you should definitely go for this opportunity and enjoy the work you get rather than worry about the jobs you may be put up for.

And I’m always here for advice!

Rebecca x

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PS I’ve done nude shoots now, and I don’t have any regrets but I am very choosy (to the point of rarely doing them).


You might never want to, but you should always question your own boundaries.


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  1. Safina Malik wrote:

    I want to become an Model. I just want to know how to start and where to go? I know about modelling but I don’t know procedures.. Can u plz explain step by step plz. And also I am uncomfortable with nudity kisses and vulgarness. Is that ok or it is compulsory for modelling to wear bikini and pose hot pics??

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