Reader’s Question: I Need to Lose Inches From My Hips.

Dear Modeltypeface,

I need to lose two inches from my hips. I find I’ll have a really good week, but then I’ll let go at the weekend and I’ll lose my discipline. My hips are too big for work and my agency has told me to lose two inches. Help!

Dear reader,

Thank you for your question and before I start allow me to say: don’t worry! I have been in your position many times before! I’ve cried during lingerie polaroids, lied about my measurements and run out of the agency rather than face that measuring tape.

I definitely know the best sort of exercise for hips and thighs, but first I think it’s important to focus on your ‘good weeks’ and ‘bad weeks’, because this is totally how I used to think, too!

I used to spend two weeks juicing, gyming and resisting all treats or booze. Then I’d have a big night out, cheese on toast when I got home, hangover eating all day the next day, too tired to gym on Monday and then just feel ‘oh, sod it’, and let myself go the next week because…

“I will get in the zone next week.”

But YOU NEVER STAY ‘IN THE ZONE’! Because the ‘zone’ requires iron will, no social life and is clearly going against your own nature. It means that you’re going to resist biscuits all week – then cave and eat half a packet a few days later.

I’ve slimmed down in the last few years because I’ve just stopped dieting where I have ‘good weeks’ and then let myself fall off the wagon. Instead of cutting out food groups or meals, I just discovered what suits me: a good breakfast, then one big meal and one lighter meal (so a big lunch and soup for dins, or vice versa).

So food-wise, I’d say: relax. Eat the cake. If you let yourself eat the cake, you’ll stop at one piece. In fact you’ll even say ‘you know what. I don’t actually want it, I’m full!’ Food stops being a battleground between ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and starts being what it is: tasty fuel to make yourself feel good and healthy.

So there’s your brain sorted, I hope. Next, what to actually eat. If you want to drop weight off, then cut booze down – definitely no every day drinking. If you really love a glass of wine, then see it as a treat but avoid binge drinking – booze has so many calories, and it’s terrible for both your skin and safety.

Avoid processed foods. Look at what you consume every day – some of these things add up without you even realising such as milky, frothy coffees and cereal bars on the go.

Exercise will really combat those saddlebags. Check out HIIT – you can get a Kayla Itsines guide and do it at home, three times a week at only half an hour a workout! These exercises with strengthen and tone, whilst burning calories.

I can’t recommend Barre enough. Based on ballet moves, this exercise has changed my body.




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If you can’t afford classes, then check out barrecore online classes: there are always deals on, and you can use the back of a chair as your prop. It involves a lot of squatting, so you’ll get tone but the stretches lengthen those legs to make them lovely and lean.

Finally, yoga. No time or money for classes? Check out DoYogaWithMe for brilliant online tutorials. Yoga is fantastic for flexibility, core strength and for lengthening out those muscles to give the appearance of slimmer thighs – plus you can hold weird poses on shoots for longer.

If you look at this as a positive challenge – making yourself feel good, strong, nourished and mentally more relaxed about food – then you’ll embrace it and feel fantastic about yourself.

And you won’t quake in fear when that measuring tape is near.

Rebecca x

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