Reader Question Time: I Have an Agency Walk-in and get very Flushed. Should I Wear the Foundation that Makes My Skin Dry Out?

Dear Modeltypeface,

Hello, I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m doing an agency walk-in for one of London’s biggest agencies in a few days. Do you have any tips? And also, I tend to flush a lot and go really red, especially in stressful situations. Should I cover my skin up with foundation? It’s just that the foundation dries out my skin!


MTF reader.

Dear reader,

Hello! How exciting! OK first things first: I have written a pretty exhaustive list of advice on agency walk-ins here. Dress simply, wear minimal to no make up and BE YOURSELF! Read more on the blog post.

As for the flushing – there’s no point concealing for flushing – agents are trained to hone in on anything like this. Don’t feel self-conscious: they saw past my vicious acne, braces, glasses and tendency to wear my brother’s hand-me-downs at 16. Wearing foundation will hide your true complexion, which they will want to see.

Usually things like flushing, freckles, wide-set eyes, bushy eyebrows, frizzy hair, lanky bodies, even braces are seen as strengths to new faces rather than imperfections. So feel confident!

Finally, do be sure to know that 14 is very young for a person to start modelling. You might want to bear that in mind. I’d say it’s better to start at 16. You don’t want to develop any body anxieties or start being self-critical thanks to a very adult industry. Enjoy being 14! (actually, I’m just remembering that I found 14 to be a rubbish age, but still). Be very cautious.

Good luck though and I’m always here for advice.

Rebecca x

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