Protein World – What’s All The Fuss?

So! All around me a maelstrom of strong opinions has flown around me regarding bodies in the media over the last fortnight.

We saw Jamelia slammed for her opinion that overweight people should feel ‘shamed’ into slimming down by high street stores by not stocking their sizes.

We saw models on Plus Sized Wars on Channel 4 punch us in the face with their positive body image and confidence.

We asked ‘is Tess Holliday a good role model at a size 24 – and should we hate on any woman who exudes such comfort in herself?’


And, of course, we saw a lot of hatred directed at this rather subtle piece of advertising:

eachbodyMy kind of graffiti…

So what’s all the fuss? A lot of people are saying we should embrace the message of a fitter body and fitter you for summer. Plenty of people love a protein shake and people come in all different shapes and sizes – including the insanely toned model in the above picture.

Others despise it, including a lot of feminists. They don’t want to be confronted by the image of a bikini-clad model on their morning commute. Nor do they want to be told that the only way to have a so-called ‘bikini body’ is to slim down: women shouldn’t have to look like this model to be deemed acceptable.

Plus they add that it’s a nonsensical term – to have a ‘bikini body’, simply put a bikini on your body.

What do I think? Well firstly, I don’t like that the model in this advert is getting a lot of hatred directed at her. I think Renee Somerfield has an incredible body – slim, yes, but strong – and it’s not fair that she’s having a lot of vitriol directed at her in regards to her body.

She’s a vegan (no protein shakes for her, then…) and loves to exercise. To me, her physique is clearly toned and healthy; the result of hard work and dedication.

However I really do hate the advert. I hated it the second I saw it. It’s the phrasing, and the juxtaposition of ‘beach body ready’ with ‘weight loss’. I don’t think that meal replacements are a healthy route at all – all the personal trainer and nutritionists I know say a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise will get you results in a far more healthy way.

When our holiday’s approach, many of us all like to tone up a bit, remove a layer or two of winter hair and perhaps get our hobbit-like feet seen to. Even though the second you get on that beach, you’re too hot to give a damn about sucking in the belly.


As soon as I read it I felt like I was being shouted and leered at by the staff at now defunct Nuts Magazine, or something.

And their social media confirmed that, oh yes, I was correct. It is run by a group of ‘LADS’:


The tone is off, the message is off and the product is off. I don’t have a problem with this model, I just hate the adverts. To many women out here, it doesn’t resonate with us. It’s not empowering.

To the fellas at Protein World – let Gisele show you how it’s done….

Rebecca x

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  1. Lola Byatt wrote:

    My view on these sorts of advertisements is that they are wrong. It might sound incredibly clichéd but the most important thing is being fit and healthy and how toned your ass/abs is second. This is coming from someone that has always had body issues. What I am puzzled by is why so much attention around this particular ad. In a few weeks’ time, all magazines will have the same “beach body” headline and similar looking girl on front. The problem stretches beyond protein world ad, it needs to be addressed on a bigger scale.

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Agree – I hope the protests change advertisements in the future. Maybe it will! X

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