5 Popular Poses That I Just Do Not Get!

Hello! I’ve created a few photos for a mini-series called ‘POSES I DON’T GET!’ They were photographed by my ever-patient boyfriend, Theo, who I think rather enjoyed the role of photographer/stylist. I gave him strict instructions not to retouch anything, which is why my boobs remain a modest size. The bum’s all mine.

POSES I DON’T GET! is all about those stock poses that experienced models have in our canon, which we tend to bring out at the end of a long day when there are no combinations of ‘hand on hip/leg crossed’ left. We’re running empty on inspiration, we still want to deliver a picture that the client’s gonna get excited about…so we bring these little numbers out.

I actually hate doing these poses, and I hate myself a little when I feel myself going to do them…but it’s like an uncontrollable urge sometimes, especially when you’re close to lunch or going home time.

I’ll be posting them all over the next couple of days. For my first pose, I give you….



Why it works: 

It makes your body into a really good shape.

Why I hate it:

Truth is beauty and beauty truth*, and I see no discernible reason for inspecting my heel. In fact, am I not questioning the standard of these shoes by inspecting them? And if so, do we want to give consumers the idea that the shoes are of an inferior quality?

Where did the pose even come from? Someone probably did it first, and it looked cool, and then someone copied it, and now you’ll find any model with at least one of these pictures in her archive.

*a misquote of Keats’ Ode on a Grecian Urn



Why it works: It looks a bit flirty. It’s something to do with your hand for crops.

Why I hate it: I get that playing with your hair is an instant flirty look to camera, but surely when you flirt you twiddle your hair and flick it, like Lucy off Made in Chelsea. This is far more ‘presenting a sizeable strand of hair’ and I just get so annoyed at myself when I realise I’m doing it!

Us models use this all the time – it’s an e-commerce fave – but even Kate Moss isn’t immune to falling back on this old chestnut…

kate moss dior

Tune in tomorrow for the next in the series of POSES I DON’T GET. And please, if you have any other ideas for weird and senseless poses, do give me a shout and I’ll recreate them for you! Either comment below, tweet me @rebeccapearson or write on my Facebook group.

I’m wearing the Alexa from Little Black Dress and ancient heels from New Look (there are some similar ones on there for £17.99, knock yourself out!)

The lipstick I’m wearing is, in my opinion, THE ULTIMATE red lipstick – Lady Danger from Mac.

Rebecca x

Thanks to Theodore Games Petrohilos for the photography and enthusiasm and cycling all the way to my house on a Sunday to be bossed around (although looking through the camera, he does seem to have taken a lot of photos of my bum so I don’t think it was that painful an experience). Check out his Instagram of brilliant cartoons here.

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