Only Human Meets…Coffee Fiend and Mega Model Hartje Andreson!

I’ve never met Hartje, but I feel like I have. She added me on Facebook when she became a fan of my ‘How to Date a Model’ column for Topman Magazine, which has sadly disappeared without a trace. But my cyber friendship with Hartje remains!

She’s my kinda gal. Numero Uno: She loves dogs, and has two huge rescues, and I love the pictures she posts with her canines…


Numero Duo: She’s the perfect example of ‘Strong not Skinny’ – she’s always mountain climbing and looking lean and healthy and glowing…


Numero Tres: She’s used her modelling success to establish her own Cafe, Pudge Knuckles, in Williamsburg New York. It looks awesome and I WILL go some time!


Anyway, Hartje told me about a very embarrassing story for my regular column, ‘Only Human,’ in which mega models freely tell me their most shameful, embarrassing and humanising stories. We’ve had testicles falling out, periods starting on the catwalk and trousers round the ankles

Today, Hartje shares a truly cringey, ‘stomach churning’ story with us…

Take it away, Hartje!

“For my first swimwear photoshoot, I looked up to the other model as she was 22 and i was 19, and i thought her way more professional and experienced…And yes of course way hotter than me! She told me she always took laxatives before a lingerie shoot.

Well, she was the pro, so the day before my shoot i went to a pharmacy and bought laxatives. I was squirming, telling the pharmacist that they were for my grandmother, all the while avoiding eye contact.

The package said, ‘take 1 tablet at bedtime’, so i took three!!!

What followed was a day of the worst stomach cramps i ever experienced. I have no idea how I made it through the shoot, especially with me running to the toilet after every shot! It was all I could do not to ruin the $300 bikini bottoms!”

Oh goodness!

Thank you Hartje for sharing that with us! I had a fairly similar ‘food poisoning + white swimwear’ scenario, only mine was in the desert with nowhere to shield my modesty!

But that is for another time…

Rebecca x

Hartje is at Mega Models, and here’s her Instagram

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