Only Human: Bumping into Old Flames!

Hello all! Next up in the Modeltypeface series ‘Only Human’, allow me to describe the shameful shenanigans that beset my latest shoot.

So I was in Manchester with my favourite team, the Photolink crew. In walked the electrician, holding his large briefcase, wires a-dangling from his pockets.

“You checking me out?” Said the handsome electrician to me as I took in his dangling appendages. “You modelling today, too?”

“Oh! I thought you were the electrician!” Said I, senselessly. The guy looked, understandably, affronted, and the make up artist made a face to me like *wasn’t that embarrassing*, so I feigned embarrassment. I’ve been mistaken for worse.

Then I realise I did know him…

“You look familiar,” Said the electrician male model. “Have we met?”

“Er yes. We went on a date.”

The make up artist’s face shot up even further with delight/sympathy.

“Really?” (Glad to know I’m memorable).

“Yes. You bought me a Rubicon and we sat on a bench in the park and you told me about acting school.” (That is a pretty standard date with Modeltypeface). (The best date, apart from the first date with my bf of course, was going to karaoke – 2 people, one sweaty box of a room and 1 hour to show off my rapping skills).

“Oh. Wow. I really don’t remember. Was I successful?”

“No, you were a bit intense and I never returned your calls.”

“Oh. OK…”

I must say that, despite the whole crew listening in on this, and despite this seeming like a very odd and awkward and maybe, to some people, embarrassing moment, I just wasn’t remotely shame-faced. Not about mistaking him for an electrician. Not about him forgetting going on a date with me. And not about describing in public the sort of classy dates I like to treat my men to.

No, but I did feel shame when, demonstrating how men can be inappropriate in their behaviour towards women, I inexplicably smacked his behind, really hard, in front of everyone. I did it, I froze for a second whilst contemplating my actions, and then I did what any sane person would do in this situation. I returned to my luncheon and carried on eating a truly enormous banana.

Rebecca x

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