OM Nom Nom….Dairy Free Chocolate Buttons

I just had to share these absolutely delicious treats with you! I picked them up in Inspiral Cafe in Camden, which is fabulous for smoothies and raw or cooked vegan goodies.



Photo Credit: Planet Organic

These are free from refined sugar (there is coconut sugar, so if you are totally sugar-free in your diet they’re not for you), dairy and the usual nasties you get in chocolate. They use ‘mylk’ rather than milk, which means that Ombar bars are way creamier than a lot of other similar products.

They also contain strains of ‘good bacteria’ so you can enjoy the delicious rich, creamy taste of chocolate and do your gut a healthy favour!

Perfect for a 4pm pick-me-up on shoots when everyone else is hitting up the chocolate bars, or to give yourself a treat during a boring day of hair castings.

£1.49 from Inspiral (Planet Organic and The Raw Chocolate Shop stock them too)

Rebecca x

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