NO MORE CONTOUR: Modeltypeface Gets on Her Soapbox PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Right MTFers. I’m ANGRY! I’m SICK of an Instagram full of strange, beige, 2-Dimensional faces.

If I see one more tutorial featuring a young, fresh-skinned freckley face gradually layering her (or his) face with a white vagina on their forehead, bright cream triangles under their eyes and poo-brown hairlines and then mushing them up so that their face doesn’t make sense anymore, I will SCREEEEEAAAAAMMMMMMMM!

article-2591602-1CA582E400000578-460_638x635Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The current trend for utterly flawless skin that makes the wearer look more like a CGI creation than a flesh-and-blood human is really sad, and (I feel) indicative of deeper issues.

Contouring works for a certain type of selfie. Duck face, extremely angled, filtered-to-f**k and bafflingly looking at the camera button not the lense. No smiles permitted. The skin has no pores, no blemishes, no shine (strobe, yes – shine, no) and no wrinkles.

kim-kardashian-selfie_1 kim-kardashian-strobing 1421936664_kim-k

These are faces for posing, for selfies, but not for moving.

I can see where it’s come from. Take certain celebs, such as Kim Kardashian. She looks faultless in one or two poses (over the shoulder, face angled down) or straight on. Catch these celebs moving, talking, smiling or eating/drinking and suddenly it all goes awry – the fillers pouch and the noses wrinkle strangely, and the contouring just looks like an abstract watercolour rather than skin.

These celebs have grown up in a world where the minutest flaw is circled by magazines, analysed and mocked on the Internet. If someone dares to have saddlebags, if they lose weight too quickly or slowly after a baby, if they dare to age naturally, if they are photographed in the midday sun in a bikini and have an iota of cellulite, they are punished*. So they layer up the makeup, they fill out the creases and they stand as still, as stilted and as expressionless as they can, buttressed against the criticism.

But now, images of these over-contoured faces have filtered down and the younger generation that look up to them now feel as though they have to look like this.

Not only are they compelled to cover up their beautiful young skin, they have grown up in an age of social media when the amount of red hearts you garner genuinely affects your mood and confidence. We are becoming – dare I say it – increasingly narcissistic, yet simultaneously self-conscious and anxious about appearance.

What do I mean by that? There is more and more onus on looking faultless for those social media squares, so the amount of primping, the preening, the make up layers and the fakery increase and increase to achieve a certain level of perceived perfection. Helped in no way by RIDICULOUS levels of retouch in magazines, whereby celebrities and models we have grown up with are given new noses, no pores and skin like plastic on the computer.

This is really, really sad. I want to say to anyone trying to achieve these make up looks that frankly look like a Farrow and Ball ‘beige’ colour chart….

Freckles are beautiful. They’re not a flaw, they’re an asset.


Eye bags aren’t necessarily beautiful to everyone, but they are natural. It’s natural to have a bit of shadow there anyway, so take the shade away completely and you look a bit strange, like your eyes have been stuck on top of your face.

Don’t draw fake cheekbones on. Embrace what you have and enhance what you can celebrate. Until recent years I had cheeks like a hamster, so I put a bit of pink on the apples of my cheeks for a wholesome, milkmaidenly vibe and shrugged away the fact that I’d never cheekbones like Johnny Depp.

354633-westerns-dead-man-screenshotYou forgot to BLEND, Johnny…

Your skin wants to breathe. It’s an organ. It doesn’t want a trillion layers of slap-trickery. A dusting of bronzer under the cheekbones and a dusting of highlighter on the bits the light catches (cupids bow, top of the cheekbones) is far more lovely.

Go make up free! Fact: when you see people who always wear lots of make up without their makeup on, THEY ALWAYS LOOK MORE BEAUTIFUL!

article-2585203-1C70712900000578-870_638x698-1Alright she’s Beyonce, but still…Taken from Instagram.

It’s totally fun to play around with make up looks for nights out, but you should be happy to be seen slap-free too. Make up shouldn’t be your ‘mask’ for facing the day. There is far more beauty in a touch of vulnerability exuded by naked skin mixed with the confidence of being happy in YOUR OWN skin than bloody strobing on contouring on matifying on lips that look like they’ve been coloured in with an eyebrow pencil.


Look after your skin, and you will have confidence to wear it naked, with pride. Eat well when you can, sleep well when you can, exercise even if you think you can’t and cleanse, tone and moisturise at least once a day. You can spend zillions on skincare or you can cleanse with olive oil, tone with cold water and moisturise with coconut oil – all that matters is taking the time, once or twice a day, to give yourself a bit of self-love.

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