New York Catch Up


For those that didn’t read my previous post, from Tues – Thurs I was on a press trip to try out the new Strong by Zumba class.

I can’t go in to too much detail as obviously you will want to read my review in ES Life and Style but here are some of the highlights…

I went and met a New York model agency

I never ‘did’ New York as a market as Select never pushed it and I never really chased travel as I worked so well in London/scared/liked living with my parents. So I thought ‘why the hell not, someone else has paid for me to come out here!’ I also thought that the worst that would happen was being laughed at and frankly being rejected by a New York agency would at least be an experience!

I went to Major Models, who I know Maddie Moor is at, and future MTF columnist Dominyka Gajauskaite. It was a very fancy office, rather hushed and carpeted and shiny and cool. They said they’d let me know but I met all the bookers and you never know!

Springbone Broth

Yummy! Apparently Springbone is the newest hippest place for broth and hippy vegan food, and being big into all that stuff I loved it. I had a chicken broth with turmeric and coconut milk and it was utterly delicious, just what I needed after marching around, which leads me to my next point…

Marching around

From meeting at Heathrow, we were organised into doing really incredible activities, meals, drinks and classes and I was treated like a princess! However it was nice to slink off while the others ice skated outside the Rockerfella Centre (I’m not a skater) and stride around Times Square, Grand Central Station and the model agency, getting my bearings a little more and feeling like I was making the city my own. Once you’ve got the metro/subway/train at a place you’re more confident I think and I loved getting more adventurous.


I had an enormous slice of pizza just before I went into the agency, it was the size of my head and it’s just something you gotta do in NY!

Helicopter Ride

That’s right! The whole trip we were told we’d be having a special surprise on the Wednesday and it was a helicopter ride over NY! We saw the Statue of Liberty up close and took in the whole layout of the city. Next time I’m seeing Central Park!

Katz’s Deli

We were right around the corner from the infamaous Katz’s Deli from When Harry Met Sally. I had a salt beef bagel and I couldn’t manage it all – then I was immeasurably thirsty for the entire flight home. Worth it.

Feeling Like I was in a Film

Everywhere I went I recognised and felt fabulous. After growing up with Home Alone, Mad Men, When Harry Met Sally, Sex in the City, endless films, it all felt weirdly like a film set/home and I loved it. There were even men carrying a plane of glass in the street like every NY street chase.


We had a couple of hours free before our evening flight and I was desperate to see MOMA, so I hurried there with one of the PRs Andrew, who I happen to have a zillion friends in common with but have never met. We were probably in the same clubs during the mid 00s but I was probably snogging boys with glow in the dark bracelets and New Era caps and drunk on neat vodka from my handbag.

Anyway it was rather rushed and I had to take in Rothkos, Pollocks, Picassos and Monets quick sharp but I’m still glad I went. I need to do Guggenheim next!

Thanks to Unity PR for taking me out and I really hope you all enjoy my write up. This week I’ve got loads of exciting stuff coming up so keep your eyes peeled!

Rebecca xx

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