Naturya: Superfood For Models on the Move!

Check out these beauties! I was super-excited to receive Naturya’s latest blends – ‘Greens’ (feeling holy), ‘Fruit’, (feeling zingy) and ‘Choc’ (blatantly the one that I’ll use up first).

These are absolutely perfect for us models on the go. The number of times I’ve arrived in another country, late at night, with nothing but a local newsagents to buy sad looking eggs and, if lucky, wholemeal pitta for sustenance. It can be hard to find affordable, healthy and satisfying food when your main priority is making sense of a new city’s transport system, seeing what sort of girls you’ll be sharing a room with for the next month (thieves? Psychos? Party girls?), and getting to your castings on time. The result is either extreme hunger or cereal bars and coffee.

Another food nightmare for me is those trips to other countries where breakfast is bread, cheese and meat, lunch is sandwich-based and dinner is rich food eaten late at night in a restaurant. It’s a constant obstacle course. You can’t really avoid the food completely, as the days are so long – but it’s sad to give into the stale bread rolls and start watching your stomach lose the washboard effect that you’ve been working on for months.*

*My booker is reading this with a raised eyebrow, as there are years of non-washboardy bikini Polaroids etched into his memory/hard drive.

These powders are packed with goodness and, best of all, are great to travel with – they’ll take up no space in a suitcase although do be careful as certain countries, such as Australia, can be really strict about these sorts of things.

Let’s go through each blend.

‘Organic Green’, £15.99 for 250g


This is a blend of hemp protein powder, wheatgrass powder, barleygrass powder, pineapple powder, chlorella powder and spirulina powder.

The Green & Fruit blends have hemp protein powder, which helps towards a growth in muscle mass. Fantastic for those of us who are hitting the gym, looking to develop lean muscle.

The pineapple means that this isn’t nearly as swampy as you might think it’s gonna taste. And you can always add apple, berries or some raw honey to make it a little sweeter. This is fantastic to add to a smoothie or a juice. In fact, if I didn’t have access to a Nutribullet or juicer I’d even mix this with a small glass of water and drink it down, as the benefits of these ingredients are so fantastic. Iron levels are improved, pH is balanced, the immune system is given a fantastic boost and thanks to high levels of vitamin E and B12, our skin, hair and nails will be strong, glowing and ready to steal all the jobs.

Recipe idea:

Blitz 1/2 a cup of pineapple, 1/2 a cup of blueberries, a handful of spinach, 1/2 cup coconut water and 1 heaped tsp of Naturya Organic Greens in a blender. Enjoy!

‘Organic Fruit’ £17.99 for 250g


This is a blend of banana powder, goji powder, hemp protein powder, pineapple powder and acai powder.

Yum! This is really zingy and full of antioxidants. Travelling on planes jumbles me up, big time. You’ve got your sleep getting all messed up – well, this is high in magnesium, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. Your digestion can become sluggish, and no one likes to feel bloated on shoot…There’s a lot of fibre in here, to help things along. Travelling, especially on planes and trains can really attack your immune system, as you’re basically breathing in the same people’s germs on an endless cycle! This is packed with vitamin C, which we all know helps us fight off those germs as well as boosting our collagen formation – meaning battling the effects of all that dehydrating sun and air con.

Recipe idea: Blitz with some plain keffir yogurt for a tasty, refreshing pudding!

 ‘Choc Blend’ £15.99 for 250g

naturya choc

AKA the funnest one. This is packed with superfoods that are gonna have your heart pumping and your taste buds luxuriating! Maca and Lucuma are delicious tasting superfoods with a maple-syrup sort of vibe, and along with the cocoa paste and vanilla we’re talking some serious health-giving puddings.

Are you like me – life without chocolate would be basically meaningless…But I actually feel a bit rubbish after, say, a chocolate cake. I get an energy crash as well as a lot of guilt about what it’s gonna do to my thighs!

These are fantastic additions to the functioning chocoholic – rich in potassium, magnesium and iron, you can make smoothies and puddings that TASTE indulgent…But are actually doing you good!

Great to have in a store cupboard because you have to make something with it rather than just endlessly graze on it. Which is why I can’t be in the same house as a jar of almond butter or cacao nibs…

Recipe ideas:

Take 1 avocado, 1 tbsp of Choc Blend and 1 tbsp of agave. Whizz up and chill in fridge for a decadent chocolate mousse.

Whizz up 1 can of coconut milk with 40g of Choc Blend and 4tbsp of brown rice syrup. Store in Tupperware and freeze for a delightful ice cream!

Priced at £15.99 – £17.99 for a whopping 250g, these would last me weeks. I think that’s a great price bearing in mind the quality and range of ingredients, as well as the benefits they’d reap.

Do let me know your recipe ideas!

Rebecca x

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    We are really glad to read that you enjoy our blends and that they will help you in your busy lifestyle.

    What a great write up with so many good points covered. Thank you 🙂

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