My Video for People Tree’s Collaboration with ICON Zandra Rhodes!

Zandra Rhodes is AMAZING! Pink hair, black eyes, and a rainbow room for a house. I’ve been lucky enough to work in her flat (basically my dream property) which sits atop the Textile Museum in Bermondsey – a must-see!

I’m also very lucky to be an Ambassador for Fair Trade clothing label People Tree. Not only do these folk make gorgeous clothes that I TRULY want to wear – but they encourage fair, ethical production and distribution of clothes. They’re changing our attitude to Fair Trade clothes (no more bogey green hemp, instead brightly coloured, organically dyed dresses and fashion-forward trousers).

So, in a dream collaboration and colourful explosion of patterns, Zandra has designed a couple of collections for People Tree. And here I am, swanning around her rainbow-hued flat in her rainbow-hued patterns for my Fair Trade Favourites…

See if you can spot a certain ‘familiar pose‘ while you’re at it!

Rebecca x

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