My Triyoga Barre Trial: WEEK 3!

Aw. I’m really sad, as I’m over half way through my trial now. I shall be truly bereft when this ends…

…Not least because of the change it’s having on my body. I’m not measuring myself til the very finish line – and I strongly suspect that there won’t be any drastic changes to my measurements. However, there is a marked improvement in overall body tone. I feel less wobbly, from the inside, if that makes sense? When I walk, my thighs seems to move less, and when I wear strapless numbers I’m less worried about putting my hands on my hips when modelling to make my arms look sleeker. I also feel STRONG and CENTRED, a notable improvement from being a gangly klutz.

I most definitely wouldn’t have had the confidence to wear THIS revealing outfit to classes before my trial began (although I had to give up on leggings or extra layers. It is bloody hot in that Barre room. I sweat buckets).


I’ll be focusing on body transformations at the end of the trial, so today I wanted to talk through the teachers. There are 5 teachers at the moment at Triyoga – so far I have enjoyed Emily and Fallon‘s dance-focused numbers (make sure you head to Fallon’s class for a killer weighted arm section). I have one teacher left to experience!

On Wednesday I enjoyed Philippa’s class. I’d describe Philippa as the Jane Fonda of the Barre world. It was intense, energetic and tough, but Philippa was the most uplifting teacher ever! She constantly reminded us to smile, which is a big thing for me, as when I smile I really do forget the pain (’til the next squat section…). I employ this smiling technique a lot on rollercoasters, and during bikini waxes – both of which no doubt result in a disconcertingly demonic face. The Pilates mat work with Philippa was especially intense, working the parts we want worked the most – inner thighs and stomach.

Pennie-Jane was, I will admit, a little bit scary when I walked in. She’s incredibly toned and seemed like a no-nonsense drill sergeant – but my first impressions were totally wrong. Pennie-Jane is lovely! But she will cause you PAIN. There were a lot of squats, lunges and balance work, and Pennie-Jane was the most focused of all the teachers on ensuring my body alignment was correct throughout, which has stood me in good stead for the other classes. There was a lot of Yoga stretching and lunging which I adore. I find it incredibly challenging, but really effective at getting those lean, long muscles.

She addressed my tendency to slouch, and every time I corrected myself or managed a particularly difficult balance, she gave me a “Well done, baby!” or a proud smile, which really encouraged me! We finished off on an unbelievably tough core section, which I mentally thanked Pennie-Jane for a few days later as I wore a bikini in the harsh French daylight, surrounded by my skinny younger friends!

There are notable differences between the teachers. Emily and Fallon come from a dance background, so there tends to be more Barre and graceful pliés, whereas Philippa and Pennie-Jane seem to be more Pilates-focused and did a lot of mat work and smaller, more precise movements. I wouldn’t choose to stick with just one style or teacher, as the variety is really helping my body – it is becoming deeply toned from the mat work as well as longer and leaner from the stretching and ‘dancey’ movements.

Occasionally when I’m shaking at the Barre, sweat pouring all over my body and realising that I’m going to have to do a routine again on the other leg, I wonder what I’m doing and how I’m going to manage another class tomorrow. The pain is soon forgotten though, and looking at my ever-improving reflection is the perfect motivation – as is looking forward to a post-workout infra-red sauna, and the showers, and a choco energy ball in the cafe. Triyoga is a place that I look forward to going to, and leave feeling reinvigorated.

Basically, I am in love with Barre.

Head to Triyoga for schedules and prices.

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  1. Holly wrote:

    Great piece, you really make me want to try it, if only I wasn’t so far away! X

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