My Triyoga Barre Trial: DAY 1!

Hello! Very excitingly, I have started a month’s trial of Barre classes at Triyoga and I’m going to be telling you all how I get on.

I’m feeling great about my body at the moment as I’ve been following The Body Balance Diet Plan, which is based on Ayurvedic principles and it’s really given me a more lithe body without making me feel like I’m on a diet. In fact I think I’m eating more – just more of the right stuff for my ‘Dosha’. I know I’m looking better, because my Mum and boyfriend told me – the only people I trust to be honest with me!

However, I’m always looking to tone up, especially my thighs, bum and arms. They’re the body parts I get self-conscious of on shoots and even worse, bikini polaroids (there is no photoshop with digitals…).

rebeccabarreI’m looking to tone up my silhouette

When it comes to targeting these areas, I know that the Victoria’s Secret models swear by Barre. It’s a combination of ballet moves with Pilates and Yoga stretches, and I’ve heard that it’s incredibly tough, but very effective for lean muscles, improved posture and a perter derriere.

I headed to the Triyoga studio in Camden, which is absolutely beautiful! There’s a cafe at the entrance, gorgeous changing rooms with showers, a very peaceful feel to it and everywhere smells of incense. For some reason I had it in my head that Triyoga would be full of snooty posh yoga-types but nothing could be further from the truth: I was met with smiling faces everywhere!

The Barre studio at Triyoga is really special. There are floor-to-ceiling mirrors on two sides, sturdy barres attached all around (on two levels, depending on your height) and equipment such as weights, straps, mats and balls. Best of all there’s a window on the ceiling so that gives the room a lovely glow.

Onto the exercise! Teacher Emily Spriggs has a dance background and is very smiley and friendly – but don’t let that fool you.

Rebecca Barre 5

She put me through my paces and pushed me even when I was sweating, groaning and shaking!

We started out with a warm up of various planks, and then headed to the barre. On tip toes we moved through various squats, lunges and pliés, which burned my legs and made me shake…But I just kept envisioning my bum getting that bit perter with every squat, and I powered through.

Rebecca barre 2

I like the use of the barre for push ups and stretches as well as support during pliés. It really felt as though it aided me in the Pilates moves and Yoga stretches.

Rebecca Barre 6

What I particularly enjoyed about Barre was the chance to be graceful and really think about my body from tip to toe. In aerobics classes, my main concern is keeping up with the others and not collapsing. However in Barre, Emily ensured that I remained aware of my posture (despite how red in the face I was growing), pulling up through my core, relaxing my shoulders, pointing my toes and keeping hands in  graceful positions. I enjoyed channeling my inner Margot Fonteyn!

Rebecca Barre 4

We finished with a body-shaking core workout on the mats and then 5 minutes relaxation. I felt pretty knackered but really flushed, refreshed and stretched, too. That evening I was pretty sore all over, and today even my boobs seem to hurt (pectorals?)…But that’s always I want to feel after a class. Not necessarily the boob soreness, but definitely the feeling that my body has really had a workout. I reckon that three of these classes a week is going to give me all the strength and tone I’m looking for, and though I am slightly nervous of all that pain…I’m really excited, too.

Rebecca x

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