My Triyoga Barre Move of the Week!

So: I haven’t mastered it yet, but I really enjoyed this move! It combines a Pilates roll up with a press up, the balance of ballet, leg toning and, as you can see…I really am trying to be graceful!

I have to get better at rolling up from the base of the spine, vertebrae by vertebrae, which is something I do find a challenge in mat and reformer Pilates, too. When Barre teacher Emily does it she looks incredible!

This move sums up everything I love about Barre at Triyoga so far. My whole body is getting a workout, awareness of my alignment is heightened, and I can work on moving with grace. I can really see how, after a month of doing this three times a week, all three elements will improve.

Rebecca x

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  1. emma wrote:

    really want to try out barre! love yoga and sure will be in to this too 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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