My Top Ten Modeltypeface Moments of 2015!

It’s a weird time of year, isn’t it. The board games and gluttony are over (mostly), we’re just starting to actually wind down…But it’s also a time of year to get a bit figety – what shall I do? Where shall I go?

I like to call it the perinium of the year – neither one nor t’other and if I’m honest, I’m not entirely sure what to do with it. What I like to use it for is as a time to reflect on my achievements of the last year…As well as my failings and what I need to work on for the following 365 days.

So…Looking forward, I intend to be a bit more organised and settled in 2016: wake up early, work and be really ambitious with the blog. It’s time to get serious! Modelling-wise I just want to keep up my confidence that’s come from yoga: I feel more comfortable in my body than I have done in years, so I want to dress it better and hold myself with confidence!

Looking back, though, it’s undeniable that I have had a ridiculously exciting 2015. There were terrible low points (barely working for the first 5 months, the mill that Nivea put Theo and I through…) but what’s the point in focusing on them? These were the highlights….

10) Interviewing Charlotte Connoley


I just adored hearing about all the fabulous jobs Charlotte’s booked…as well as some of the grimy lows that our industry tends to gloss over. Charlotte has had some pretty unique experiences that few models, unless they are at the very top these days, will get to enjoy – and I loved grilling her all about them!

9) Being on Caroline Albertelli’s First Shoots…


I’m not just saying this cos she’s my mate…But I think that Caroline Albertelli is gonna do really well as a photographer as well as a model. And I did some of her very first shots, so I’ll be able to be a talking head on documentaries about her one day!

A huge part of taking a great photo is being able to establish a cracking relationship with your subject. Just cos you’re friends with someone doesn’t actually garuantee that relationship: in fact, it can make it more awkward!

Caroline’s easy manner and encouragement made us models treat it like a proper shoot, not just playing around with a pal, and she has a great eye for composition. It was so exciting when her, Emily and I had a whole day of shooting and styling ourselves, and I remember that whole day as a real high!

8) I Went to Mexico with Theo for a JOB!


Theo, my ever-patient boyfriend, is an architect not a model, but being a handsome chap we got a job together! Throughout our job in Mexico I felt the need to tell him that, ‘modelling is usually a lot harder than this you know!’ We just had to sit in the jacuzzi and cuddle/laugh around in the pool/lie in a hammock, whilst staying in a 5* hotel in Mexico. Dreamy!

7) FANTASTIC Guest Articles

I just loved this article by Charlotte Carter-Allen on being a mixed race model. I had rather assumed that looking like this…

Charlotte CA wise

Would be enough to secure work, but it turns out that being exotic and hard-to-place can actually be hard in a commercial world that often likes people to fit in neat, little boxes.

And this by Jessica Cusack was a real standout:

Jessica Stella

It helps challenge miscoceptions about modelling (i.e. that it’s time wasted being pretty, when you could be getting on the career ladder) and tells us why it’s a boon for any employer.

6) Jay McClaughlin Taught this Old Dog New Tricks!


The super-talent that is Jay McClaughlin taught us models, old and new, the truths and tricks behind lighting and photography, and how to use them in our favour. It’s really useful for anyone starting out and it also meant we could hang out for a day and eat pancakes!

All together now…a, e, i, o, u!

7) Poses I Don’t Get


This was a HUUUUGE hit! All the weird poses models do (including myself) that don’t really make a lot of sense! I still have lots of them going on in my mind and I’ll definitely do another photo series!

6) This Interview with Booker Billy Mehmet


Helping banish the commonly held idea that bookers are evil gay men telling models they’re too fat, Billy opened up and admitted she cried sometimes when her models got upset comparing themselves to other, extremely thin models who book all the shows.

A unique insight into the life of a booker!

5) Charlotte De Carle Rescued a Dog and it Made me Cry

This is such a wonderful love story: dog is mistreated, dog is sad, dog is rescued by a beautiful model, a deep friendship is forged!


4) My Littlewoods Advert

This came along just as I was starting to worry a bit about work! A confidence boosting, fun, joyous experience with two other models who I fell in LOVE with, Tessa Maye and Lazara Storm!!

And now it’s time for the TOP THREE! It’s a toughie but here are my absolute most exciting moments of 2015…

3) I Appeared on the Bloody BBC News!!


And Sky News….And London Live…Never in my wildest imagination had I pictured myself on the News. Strictly Come Dancing, Who Do You Think You Are, Shipwrecked maybe! But appearing on the news as an authority on modelling was both affirming and pissing-myself-terrifying-yet-exciting!

I’d say that my best one was with Eamonn…what a charmer!

My only shallow regret is that it’s filmed from the side, which isn’t my best angle 😉

2) My Triyoga Barre Trials

I’ve tried for years to find the exercise that will tone up my body the way I visualise it as it’s peak. I’m no longer after looking like the skinny teen of my early comp cards, but I’ve felt heavy and uncomfortable for such a long time, despite doing regular exercise and watching what I eat.

Discovering barre and yoga at Triyoga has given me a new lease of confidence in my body, which I thought I would never really experience again. I’m not comparing myself to other models or hiding away in the back in photos with the other girls anymore. In fact I’m encouraging them all to take their tops off with me! (Drink may have been involved there). And Igor probably had the easiest bikini polaroid session with me ever, considering I’ve been so self-conscious in the past that I cried…



A whole page in the Sunday Telegraph! Wowza! What a rush this gave me – I was shaking, dancing on the spot and making a high pitched squeal that only dogs could hear all at once!

This was such a huge vote of confidence in my writing, and even though the article attracted a huge amount of trolling (mainly calling me fat. Thanks anonymous haters!) it also got a lot of people agreeing with the argument that Instagram can be fun, but it can really invade your life.


I’m hoping (and working hard to make it so) that this is the first of many such articles!

Finally, if you’ve made it this far through an uncharacteristically long post from me…

I’d like to say thank you, to all the people who support me and read my blog and tell me that they enjoy it. Every time you give me encouragement it truly spurs me on to carry on thinking up stuff to write (which can be hard quite frankly! Suggestions always welcome).

Love Rebecca x

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