My Top 10 Moments of 2016

Yes! I know, 2016 can go suck a proverbial, but there were still some pretty great highlights here on Modeltypeface. If 2015 was the year exciting things really started happening, 2016 was the year they began coming together. Here were the absolute standouts…

10) The Lexus Car Commercial

A complete surprise as I didn’t even do a casting for the job. I flew from London, during a freezing January, to shoot in a slightly less freezing Malaga. Much of the shoot was sitting in the fancypants car, which was placed on the back of a truck, and looking out of the window. I didn’t really like my co-model until the last day when he said more than two words to me, but I did get on with the almost completely male crew due to my impressive appetite. At the start it was all the men from Top Gear and otherwise Spanish team, and let’s just say areas of shared interest were limited – but by the second day they’d come up during meal times, pointing to my plate and say, “No way,” as the size of my portions became fairly legendary.

Anyway it was a great buzz to do a commercial for such a big client, even though I did lose a part of the car meaning another booking is unlikely.

9) Giving a Talk in Amsterdam

You know earlier when I said about things coming together? Well, giving a talk at the MINT Trade Show felt like all my ambassadorship for Fair Trade labels, alongside speaking out for models, came together in a perfect moment. It was wonderful to work with Marieke, who has a book coming out, and Theo was a total winner of a boyfriend, snapping away and bringing me (raw) chocolate while I gave interviews. I was proper shaky on stage but I still relished every second.

8) Letter To My 13 Year Old Self

I wrote this, inspired by seeing Dolly Alderton’s letter to her younger self. Like many, my adolescent years were tough in places and so I think what I wrote resonated with lots of people, as I got a lot of messages saying from others who had had a similaraly tough time at school and with their body image.

7) The L’il Miquela Debate on BBC

This was a total last minute thing: I was on a shoot and someone from the BBC asked me to come down ASAP for an interview about filtered reality. I spent ten minutes Googling ‘what is filtered reality’ on the bus, but I feel like I got away with it…

6) The Modelling & Motherhood Interviews

My lovely model mamas were very kind and sometimes searingly honest about what it feels like to model and be a mother. I think 2017 needs to see more interviews.

5) My ES Fitness Reviews

This is a super-exciting development, because I enjoy trying out new exercises, fitness crazes and wellness retreats FOR MY JOB! I’ve met some hilarious people (yes, you Andrew), been flown to New York, I’ve saved a fortune on gym fees and not once has it felt like actual work.

4) My Interview with Jayne Windsor for the Hope Look

Jayne Windsor has had an incredible career, shooting with so many of the greats, but hers was certainly not your average ‘scouted outside Topshop, fell into it’ sort of a modelling story. Jayne was pregnant with twins as soon as she was signed to Select, after being rejected by most other agencies, and proceeded to blitz the modelling industry as well as being happily married and settled in Newcastle, going on to have two more children. Jayne was so open and honest about losing her husband, about modelling in your 40s and about some of the divas that crossed her path over the years…

3) My Posts with Theo for Sukin

I just had a laugh shooting these images with Theo, and I think it really shows. Sukin are such a fabulous brand and embody so much of what I’m into with green beauty. The face mask fun was my fave post.

2) The At Your Beat Dance Classes

I know it might seem a bit funny to put dance classes as more exciting than being on the Beeb…But they have actually had a huge impact on me. It all started with a review for ES, and I carried on going. Though I’ve done dance classes before, I’ve never kept them up because I was rubbish and it all went too fast and I just felt like a big tall tree with no rhythm.

Models are a funny breed, because most of us are aware that people are quick to think we’re up ourselves, so many of us do enter a room with shoulders a bit hunched and downplay our looks. Add to this the fact that most of us were the gawkiest girls at school and can only really do sexy when we’re all dolled up and posing for the camera, and dance classes are our idea of hell!

Doing At Your Beat has conquered both of these issues a bit – I’m happier to express my more confident side, because I also can now move a lot better than I ever could before! You can head to my Instagram to see the vids…

1) Appearing on Sky News, Talking about Anxiety in Teen Girls

This has to be the top moment of 2016 on Modeltypeface. Being on the news, talking about something that really meant something to me, and being given quite a lot of time to speak about it was really a great moment. It also had a very good reaction, with lots of people sending emails, Tweets and comments that they felt as thought I spoke on their behalf, which is obviously a totally fulfilling feeling.

Also, when she asked me about curriculum I genuinely had no clue and I think I swan-paddle my way through OK, it’s only my rapidly increasing blinking that gives the game away…

Anyway, it really has been a mega year for me, and every time you let me know you’re enjoying what I post (even if 50% of comments are my dad correcting my spelling and grammar) (for which, thank you) it gives me so much motivation and satisfaction. So thank you for sticking with me for another year, and here’s to 2017!

Rebecca x

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