My Talented Model Mates: ‘Mimi Says I’m Special’

I love watching my model pals pursuing their many talents! Today I wanted to focus on the multi-talented Mimi Muller-Westerhagen, who has recently launched a range of hand drawn materials. Look how beautiful they are!



I especially love this one, of Mimi’s cat Gomez…


Mimi and I go waaaaay back. Like, centuries. We were new faces at the same time, and always seemed to be on the same hair jobs together. By day, Mimi was a model but by night, she was in the most incredible band called Battlekat. Think she looks all cute and pixi-like? Mimi rocks out harder than Bruce Dickinson!

supersuperMimi in Battlekat and ON my fave mag ever – Super Super!

She now lives in Berlin, and performs as Mimi and the Mad Noise Factory, who you must check out – as well as designing fabrics! I’m proud to know such a talented lady.


Mimi’s designs are available on Good luck Mimi, and I look forward to wearing your designs whilst listening to your songs!

Rebecca x

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