My Sunday Telegraph Article! Look! How Exciting!

Amazingly and excitingly, I had a whole page article in THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH over the weekend! I got the paper and, hands shaking, immediately tore open the Review section, the magazine (either of which would have been a treat!) but NO! I was in the MAIN PAPER! A FULL PAGE! WITH A GINORMOUS PICTURE OF ME IN IT!

It’s all about how Instagram is a big fat lie – we can have fun with it, of course – but we do need to be careful not to live for our Instagram. Then I talk the reader through the truth behind each of my best Instagram posts.

Click on the pick below to head to the article!


Oh and I’m wearing my People Tree Jumper and Pixi lipstick – of course! Annoyingly I had a bad hair day (the photographer came to my house, you see! It was all proper!) but I managed to rescue it a bit.


Rebecca xxx

Picture credit: Caroline Albertelli


  1. Aleksa wrote:

    Brutally Honest – Good for you darling! I admire your personality and courage speaking up on what everyone else is ignoring!


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