My Sign Make Up: The Perfect Birthday Present

I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages but I wanted to wait until I could sit down, concentrate and write the best post in the history of blog posts. And finally, I’m…

*Wanders off and intently looks at the busy squirrels in the garden*

Sorry, that was me being a typical Aries, stubbornly waiting until I could wholeheartedly commit and then getting easily distracted. But now you have to listen to me cos I know best! (There I go again…) But really, I do: I’ve found a brilliant birthday present for those times you’re not quite sure what to get someone.

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The Makeup Revolution My Sign Collection have colour wheel eye palettes for each star sign and they’re only a fiver. Genius! I’d have loved this when I was just getting into make up. I can distinctly remember being given the same Superdrug eye palette everyone had for my birthday around the age of 13: it was gold with a red flower on it and there were a range of browns, purples and primary colours, and bizarrely most were untouched but for the bright yellow, green and purple (I was experimental).

The My Sign Collection is a goodie for all ages: the fact that it’s unique to the star sign gives it that extra bit of thought and for each sign there are wearable, blendable shades as well as a couple of more out-there ones (take this Pisces one for example: a very Bobbie Brown-esque khaki, some easy neutrals and an out-there lime green for the typically artsy bunch).

My Aries one is actually perfect for me: I really suit a reddish tint to my eye shadows as it brings out the green in my eyes, there’s the bright taupe in the middle for under the brows and the middle of the eye, cream as a base and then the ideal colours to make the sort of smokey eye that even I can manage.

If you want, you can round the purchase off with a very universal shade of lip gloss at only £3.

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Star signs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but for the small percentage who say, “I hate this stuff it’s a load of nonsense,” there are the vast majority who thought Mystic Meg was (is? I never watch anymore) the best part of the Lottery and will always give their star signs a little read.

I love mine – it’s wearable, personal and portable. You can get it from

Rebecca x

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