My Photos for Manuka Life Yoga!

I am a PROUD ambassador for the yoga company Manuka Life – where my model mate Sarah Mac works. In my role as an ambassador, I did a shoot for their website last November.


I’d been doing yoga LOADS and really toning up – but I headed away for a whole week to Copenhagen the week before this shoot and what can I say? All they eat out there are open-bloody-sandwiches! And irresistible pastries! It meant that when I shot the pictures the day after returning, I was expecting to breathe in to the point of turning blue…

Luckily I seem to have got away with it. I love the pictures. You know what else I love?


Head to the site and you can see – Sarah’s got all her model mates on board with the ambassadorship. All of us are yoga-mad, and because we’re a bit of a squad I think that our friendship and the warm feeling of us all catching up on the shoots really comes across. She also got us moving away from your standard e-comm, ‘streight-up-and-down-don’t-distract-from-the-clothes’ poses and went a bit editorial.


So what about the clothes? I recommend you head to to stock up on some yoga gear, pronto! There’s a FLASH SALE with 30% of everything!!!


I wouldn’t go anywhere else because I find Manuka Life clothes flattering – not too tight, always gives me a bit of a cleavage (which is saying something with my tiny boobs!), it gives perfect support, I never have to ruin an asana by yanking anything up or down and, speaking of asanas – none of their leggings give me VPL! I like the fact that they’re stylish but not so in-your-face that they counteract all the teachings we learn behind yoga, e.g. try not to give your fellow yogis a migraine with clashing fluoro logos…

Thanks to Sarah for having me, and I look forward to many more exciting shoots and experiences as a Manuka ambassador x

Rebecca x

Manuka’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Lola Byatt wrote:

    congratulations!! I really wanna get into yoga but I find the “getting in” bit really quite tough, gonna try though x

  2. modeltypeface wrote:

    Hi Lola!

    PLEASE just get into it NOW! I will actually write a longer post about this but basically, you should start at the very bottomest level and have zero expectations of ability.

    I remember when I started I was shocked at how rubbish I was!

    After about 4 classes all the moves will start sinking in, you will start noticing your stretchiness and energy and improvement and you will be HOOKED.

    Where do you live? xxx

    • Lola Byatt wrote:

      You’re right, I should start and actually stick to it. There’s a wise, old man who goes to my gym and he told me that yoga is like pension for your body, he practices it religiously for around 90 minutes every morning. I’m always in awe. There’s a lesson thursday morn and I absolutely will go, I’ll send you a pic!

      I’m in coventry during term time and in Bristol out of term time


      • modeltypeface wrote:

        Oh I went to uni in Bristol, it’s lovely!

        That man is right, however I would be a big fat liar if I said I do 90 mins a day! Even a class once a week will make a difference – you will quickly learn the main poses and do them whenever you fancy, wherever!

        I’m glad you’re inspired to give it a go now! xxxx

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