My Night at the Health Blogger Community Awards 2017…

Last night I had so much fun! I presented an award at the Health Blogger Community, as well as appearing on the panel of judges and having a little Q&A session with co-presenter Rhiannon Lambert (@Rhitrition).

There were three other judges: Rupy Aujla, who is a GP and talks about healthy diet (check him out at @doctors_kitchen), Rozanna Purcell (@rozannapurcell) who creates healthy and nutritious meals and Tally Rye who is a super duper exerciser and healthy eater.

I got there and was briefed, and most importantly got to catch up with my Fluorescent PR ladies and generally waft around in my Free People dress. There were lots of interesting food and drink brands to try, although I didn’t indulge in case I got food in/on my teeth beforehand, a very probable thing for me.

The lovely Emily Vickers-Willis came to support me, which I had asked her to do, and she’s also got her new blog so I thought she could learn some things and meet some good people there. It was fabulous having her in the front row just in front of me because, well for starters, you know when you’re talking to a crowd and you don’t *quite* know where to look? Well right at the back of the room was a beautiful piece of art of two cows humping and for some reason my eyes were constantly drawn to that. So seeing Em’s lovely face was a bit less distracting.

We were all sat on chairs in front of everyone, and I had been slightly nervous of sitting still and looking interested for over an hour and not starting to daydream/fiddle/twitch/yawn (remember my attention strayed when I was on Sky News for ten minutes). However the event was really pacey and I found it all very interesting. The other judges spoke so eloquently…And no one went on too long!

We began with a Q&A session, with Rhiannon asking me about nutrition and modelling and skincare. I had prepared my answers but I’m not actually sure I said anything I prepared, however I love speaking on the spot, even though it feels as though my heart is beating outside of my chest and my whole body is wobbling. I was asked about new trends in natural and organic skincare and answered that a lot of big companies are jumping on the bandwagon without that ethos at heart, and just because a tube has a picture of aloe vera on the packet – doesn’t mean the contents will be pure.

She then asked about whether approaches to weight had changed and I was very honest. I said 16 years ago, if a model had to lose weight, they were told to run up and down the stairs for two hours every night, to cut out carbs after 6, to eat a zero fat diet and to go jogging for hours. I said I had once been told to, ‘just go a bit ANA for a couple of weeks,’ which caused a bit of shock to Rhiannon. I quickly explained that that’s not all agents and agencies, and that I didn’t succumb because I’d go home to my parents and a shepherds pie on the table. But I’d been lucky to live in London with my parents and a support network who kept me grounded – but so many models are young and new and alone in a city and don’t have that. And that’s why I started Modeltypeface.

Then we moved on to advice we’d give other bloggers and annoyingly I was last, because we all had the same answer! It was to be truthful – don’t try and ‘be a blogger’ and get free stuff and lots of money – start it because you have a message and a passion. I’ve been doing less sponsored stuff and reviews of things I’ve paid for recently and I think it does change you a bit. It means I’m always being true to what I think and in a way that then attracts products, brands and PRs that really fit well.

The award part went extremely quickly. I was so happy that the two folks I’d voted for won, and I managed not to topple the trophy too much as I handed it. My first handing over of an award, followed by photo – fun!

All-in-all it was a really inspiring night, with a great energy in the room. Ya know, Modeltypeface is a not so much a labour of love as a project from the heart that I started cos I believe in it, and times like last night reinforce a feeling of achievement that I’m doing what I set out to do.

I have to give a final S/O to Fab (@Fabgiovanetti), the co-host, who had everyone in stitches and made everything go seamlessly. “Look at me. I grew up on a farm playing in cows and now look where I am!”

Quote of the night.

Rebecca x

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