My Model Mates Smash that “Dumb Model” Stereotype…

Ever since I started modelling (somewhere between the Ice and Bronze Ages) I’ve been asked if models are all really dumb. And it always makes me think:

a) F*ck you

b) Are you really that easily influenced by media stereotypes


c) F*ck you.

Not really (really) but it’s a pretty common misconception that we’re a bunch of fake tanned princesses, weighing out almonds and waiting for a rich guy to pick us up, marry us and tell us unicorns don’t exist.

Here are two of my model mates, smashing that stereotype (but don’t tell them about the unicorns…)



Sandy just got FIRST CLASS HONOURS in her LAW DEGREE! All the while juggling with work and some semblance of a social life. It takes a lot of slog to get that sort of grade in a law degree and Sandy is only gonna go from strength to strength. Take that, model clichés!



Not only did Marcie pass her second year at Uni with an upper 2:1, she is currently in Palestine working for a charity. Her Facebook is full of pictures of charity camps, prominent activists and the work she’s carrying out. And the odd campaign she shot between classes that have just come out.

So next time someone asks if all models are dumb – whip this post out, shove it in their face and do a little victory dance for me.

Rebecca x

Both models are at Bookings.

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