Feel LEAN and REEM in TWENTY-FIFTEEN!! Modeltypeface’s Model Mates Share their Secrets…

I see why we do it. Making insane diet/fitness resolutions that 98% of us will embark on with good intentions….And give up by January 11th.

Dry January, long, miserable runs in the winter darkness, shivering over a plate of salad for dinner – we make these resolutions when we’re mired in the fat, florid excesses of Christmas.

How has yours been? Though I’ve been far better than previous years, I do feel pretty awful – too much meat, far more alcohol than usual and I’m starting to see Lindt Chocolate Balls as a daily medicine rather than occasional treat.

ballsI never get tired of delicious Balls

Nows the time we start resolving to NEVER EAT CHOCOLATE AGAIN or EXERCISE EVERY DAY or ONLY DRINK ONCE A WEEK and, most of all…


green juiceReady for this to be your dinner?

Well, having done it all myself, I can tell you that a much better way is to stop seeing health and fitness as something you have to ‘GET IN THE ZONE’ for. Our bodies are pretty good at detoxing themselves – there’s no need to solely drink green juice every day for a fortnight.

You can help your system along by having booze-free days and not seeing chocolate as 1 of your 5, but you’re much better off getting yourself into better life habits that last you forever.

I’ve really enjoyed interviewing my model mates, and often ask them what they do to keep in shape. Instead of living a life of abstinence according to what magazines tell them to do, these models have found what works for them through trial and error. They incorporate health into their lifestyles and enjoy looking after their bodies – rather than being hard on themselves.

Here are some of their tips…

Emily Vickers-Willis: Likes it Raw 


I’ve heard Emily referred to by my bookers as having ‘the body of the agency’. This girl is TONED – and her skin and hair glow. When I asked her how she stays in shape, I was expecting a strenuous workout and diet regime that would make Gwyneth look like Gerard Depardieu, but actually Emily works out every now and then for fun and loves her pasta.

She does, however, have one dietary rule…

“I need to eat raw food. Firstly, I love it, and secondly, if I don’t eat any my nails get weaker and I see a difference in my skin and how I feel in my body.”

rawemilyEmily’s Instagram picture shows her ideal plate of food

We’re all different – in one of my many doomed-to-failure diets, I tried going completely raw – and I constantly felt/had a cold! However, I too always incorporate some ‘crunch’ into my dinner as, like Emily, I too notice the difference.

Raw food is bulkier because of the water content, so it fills you up more. It’s also richer in skin-loving minerals, vitamins and collagen as these haven’t been cooked out of it.

Instead of deciding to ‘only eat salad’ for lunch, aim to include a portion or two of raw veg with your lunch and dinner  – not only will you need less bread, but your complexion will thank you.

Emily’s Instagram

Rudie McCree: Water Works


Rudie takes her job seriously: while she likes a party, she eats and drinks mindfully for her appearance, with lots of protein and vitamin-rich food such as kale and eggs. Her number 1 rule?

“2 litres of water a day will work wonders for you.” 

And Rudie’s right: it’s my number 1 rule, too! Once you get into the habit of drinking lots of water every day, you’ll find you can’t live without it – but lots of people find it boring. We’re so used to fizzy drinks, fruit juices and squashes that we see water on its own as boring.

Just give it a go and you will see a difference within days, which should hopefully spur you on. Eye bags will reduce, skin will glow, your body will function better (in fact, drinking more water is the ultimate detoxer) and you’ll even fight illness more effectively.

Kick off your day and your system with a pint of hot water (with lemon if you want, though watch it doesn’t wear the enamel on your teeth). I started this habit at 19 and now can’t live without it.

Rudie’s Instagram

Sophie Holmes: Skinny Bitch

You haven’t yet met Sophie – that’s cos her interview is still to come. I didn’t want to put it out while we were all too busy scoffing mince pies!

sophieholmessheeoRandom sheep….

Sophie is a girl that loves to sweat…

“I need to feel exhausted from my workouts. Then I know I’ve done really well. And have a very healthy, planned out diet – but I enjoy one treat day a week. That way I stay sane!”

She has a personal trainer from ‘The Skinny Bitch Collective’ who are, she says, not remotely bitchy, but who do push her body as far as it’ll go on their workouts.

Sophie does have a point – pushing your body and getting yourself really out of breath will burn lots of fat and calories, as well as getting the blood and endorphins pumping round your skin. Check out Tabata if you’re fearless, or take your own personal workout to the next level: sprinting the last leg of your usual run, for example.

Sophie’s Instagram

Louise Adkins: Embraces Her Body

Despite looking like this:


….Louise spent most of her modelling career feeling inadequate, wide of hip and not good enough. Now in her 30s and with a gorgeous daughter, Louise can see that actually, not only was her body banging, but her supposedly large hips made the outfits look better!

I think most of us are guilty of wasting time feeling bad about our bodies, only to look back on pictures and realise how great we actually looked. I’m a terror for it.

So love what you have now, rather than aiming towards feeling happy about how you might look in the future. If you embrace what you have now, you will treat it a lot more respectfully.

Louise’s Instagram

Modeltypeface: Likes it Fat

Seeing as Rudie stole my water tip, here’s my next one: EAT (GOOD) FAT! We’re coming out of the silly age of ‘Zero Fat’ and ‘Low Fat’ and realising that, actually, fats can be good for us.

This isn’t our cue to go and start eating food deep fried in butter. We’re talking about good fats: a drizzle of good quality olive oil on our food, tahini in my Chai Smoothie, avocadoes…

avocadoI have an avocado nearly every day

Eating a diet that includes nuts, seeds, coconut and olive oil and natural yoghurt is really important for a healthy, glowing complexion….

PolaroidI eat to give myself skin I take pride in

…As well as keeping our joints healthy for when we’re older. Throw away the ‘low fat’ and the ‘fat-free’ because, actually, those are far worse for us as they have lots of crap added to replace the fat.

Modeltypeface’s Instagram

Osh Mckenzie


Looking at that bod, I’m guessing Osh lives a life of sit-ups, chicken and broccoli and no carbs after 6pm.

So what’s the best way to a perfect 6 pack then, Osh?


OK then!

Osh’s Instagram

So you see, 2015 shouldn’t be about a life of baleful abstinence. It should be about making clever choices and creating a diet that you – and your body – look forward to eating every day. The best outcome of it all is that you can enjoy increased energy and health…Weight-loss and an improved appearance will just be a happy side effect!

Rebecca x

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