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Hello! I just thought I’d write a little roundup of what I’m obsessively using at the moment. I’ve made some really exciting new discoveries this year, many of which I’ve written about on here but I want to recap. These are the products that I’ll never be without again, which I would love you all to enjoy too. So here we go…

1) Pukka Active 35 Oil


You might have noticed I’ve been doing more exercise than usual, thanks to my new job reviewing fitness classes for ES Life & Style. It means I’m really, really blimming sore all over, especially when I do classes that are a bit too intense and I pull weird muscles.

Ive been loving this oil by Pukka. It’s got a very warming smell: I get top notes of rosemary, the warmth of turmeric, ginger and cloves and a bit of a citrusy element too. It would probably smell different to each and every person, because there are thirty five organic herbs in here. It’s based on Mahanarayan oil, which means ‘the oil that makes yuou into a great person. It’s made by simmering organic herbs in water for about 12 hours, extracting the herbal goodness.

The really great thing about oils is that they do force you to really massage them into your skin, boosting circulation, which is great for combating cellulite (though in my opinion with that particular problem there’s no cure, only damage control).

This feels soothing and warming when I put it on, and I really do rate it for sore muscles and smooth skin.

Only £12.95 at

Herbfarmacy Mallow Beauty Balm

Balms are having a bit of a moment, and it’s easy to get a bit overwhlemed by the choice out there.

I implore you to check out this soon-to-be-cult Mallow Beauty Balm. It’s the best multi-tasker out there. Use it as a cleanser and/or a moisturiser. Put it on your skin as a mask while you have a bath and remove with a muslin after ten mins or so. Apply to cuticles and nails before bed, as a hand cream after gardening. I put it on my sore nose when I have a cold and on dry patches and cuts to help heal.

IMG_8544Pictured top right.

I actually saw it being made and it really is a mix of the purest, simplest ingredients, most of which have been cultivated not 5 minutes from the lab where it’s concocted.

£18 from

Bamford Awaken Elixir

If you’re remotely put off by the thought of oils, or you’ve maybe had a bad experience with an oil giving you clogged pores/shiny skin – but you do need a skin boost at the moment – then this is for you!


A lot of serums have quite an oily feel, but as an ‘elixir’ this is like a more sumptuous feeling toner. It sounds a bit strange, and you’d only understand if you gave it a go, but it’s like velvety water. Once it has contact with skin this sinks in, feeling instantly nourishing and refreshing. Best of all the teeniest amount covers my entire face and neck.

I spoke about my trip to the Bamford Spa (have any of you been yet?) at Daylesford Farm a few months ago, where I saw all the ingredients in their glorious, natural, organic state. This contains apple, lemon and red grape extracts that gently exfoliate and resurface skin. There’s also lactic acid, which helps cell turnover and makes skin soft.

This is fab to use in the morning under moisturiser as it’s so light, but do make sure you wear an SPF because of the gentle exfoliating effect this has on skin.

Warning: this is pricier than my usual products on here, at £60. All I can say is that, if you’ve got the cash, then go for it because your skin will thank you and it’s amazing!

Ilia Radiant Beauty Balm


This is described as a balm, but it’s actually much more like a liquid. It’s really hard to get great natural SPF products, as they mainly make your face go bright white thanks to the zinc, but this is fantastic. It’s got a bit of a colour to it, so I use it as a tinted moisturiser, too.

Only thing you have to be careful about is how to apply, and the quantity. You have to be quite careful when you pour it into your hand, as it can rush out quite quickly. I’ll cleanse, tone and apply a tiny amount of oil, let that completely sink in. If I don’t then my face will be an oil slick. I shake this really thoroughly, then I’ll put on a fairly small amount and rub it in. It’s very greasy when you first put it on, and takes about 10 minutes to really get into your skin.

I just go about getting ready for my day and, ten mins later, there’s no more sheeny appearance only a warmly glowing, happy complexion. It keeps that affect up all day.

£35 from net-a-porter

Rebecca x

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