My Article for the Telegraph’s Wonder Women

This blog has been, like, a year in the making. Terrible, I know! Luckily I got a good kick up the jacksie by my article on sexual abuse of models being published by the Telegraph today:

Take a little look. I write about how easy it is for a model – even an experienced one like me – to be taken advantage of. The general reaction to it was great, and I noticed that lots of people said how new faces need EDUCATION and SUPPORT. And that’s exactly what I want to offer here, on ModelTypeFace.

Look out for posts on what knowledge you should arm yourself before any shoot, and how to navigate any tricky or uncomfortable situations. The only discomfort you should feel on a shoot is stomach ache from too many pain au chocolat (i know that one well!), or blisters from stilettos that are three sizes too small for you. You should never, EVER, feel bullied, abused or humiliated, and if you do, make your unhappiness known to your bookers or, if you feel you can’t tell them, on here.

Rebecca x

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