MR TAXMAN COMETH! Which Accountant Shall I Use?

Just a quickie – a lot of you are asking me who to contact, as it’s January and your taxes haven’t done themselves.

A good accountant is very, very expensive, but if you’ve had a good year then I thoroughly recommend that you use one to help you sort out your taxes.

Give them any receipts you’ve used as well as your agency statements and bank account statements from the last year.

As self-employed people who have to spend a huge amount on keeping up our appearances, food, rent, travel, technology and chlorella powder, it’s best to get a professional to help us make sure we’re spending the right quantity on tax.


I’ve never used anyone other than Raymond Gritz. He’s accountant to hundreds of models, and has been for decades. He understands our business so I hughly recommend him.

610  Westcliffe Apartments
South Wharf Road
W2 1JB

020 7402 2821

Good luck!

Rebecca xxx

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  1. Louise wrote:

    Best account love Raymond!

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