Modeltypeface’s Post-Cyprus Catchup!

Hello dear readers!

I had a wonderful 3 days in Cyprus. My boyfriend’s best friend, Victor, AKA the King of Cyprus, lives in an incredible house that his father built. It’s ridiculous.


It was a gorgeous couple of days – swimming in the pool, eating fish by the sea and generally feeling the Sun on my rickets-strewn, pasty body.


Cyprus is all about glam night life, and Victor took us out to bars until 3AM every night. He tried to make me dress up glamorously and wear heels but I put my (flat) foot down – I can’t stand feeling uncomfortable all night! Instead I put flowers in my braid and hoped no one looked down. I call it Newsreader Chic!


Theo got to catch up with his best friend, whom he studied with for 8 years at Uni. It also meant he coupld play tavli with someone who enjoyed it – he’s always trying to get me into it and though I truly do try, and want to play it for him – I just find it ZZZZZ boring!


Moral of the story: it’s ALWAYS good to have friends in sunny places!

I was only away Friday – Sunday, but it feels like I missed so much!

I’d like to say a hearty congratulations to BBC News Reporter Emilia Papadopoulos, who will be commended in the ‘Rising Star’ category at the Prix CIRCOM regional honours. You might recognise Emilia from her interview with me about Protein World for the BBC News. Funnily enough, Emilia was also Victor’s neighbour growing up.


Emilia’s always known what she wanted to do and slogged away with professionalism and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed being interviewed by her, and she truly deserves the commendation!

The Tories also won the election, which is a bit of a blow for Lefties like me. I was looking forward to honing in on and stamping out tax evasion and fraud by enormous global conglomerates that can afford to pay the taxes that they should be paying, rather than stomping on those in the most desperate situations. I don’t like the Conservatives.

However, one look at my Facebook shows a lot of strong opinions being expressed, one way or another, which makes me happy. It feels as though a lot of us are far more politically engaged and vocal than ever before. Hopefully this means that we will become more active in our communities, as LGBT Officer for Labour, Vauxhall Philip Normal talked about in our interview last week.

Tune in this week for lots of modelley posts – I’ve got stuff on beauty, fashion and an interview with someone VERY exciting!!!

Rebecca x

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