Modeltypeface’s latest video for House of Fraser

Hello readers! Have a look at my latest job – a video for House of Fraser.

Not to sound vain, but it’s a veritable masterclass in how to still model well despite wearing a Victorian weightlifter/Mr Motivator-type affair (who I met, by the way)…

mr motivatorI took a gym class with him! 

The shapewear had a see-through crotch part and a HOLE in the UNDERCARRIAGE for wearers to pee through…


But you’d never know I felt a bit weird-looking as I do my best Salome impression, dancing with a veil – giving sneaky peeks of that sexy shapewear. And keeping my thighs resolutely pressed together.

I mega-love the Lorna Jane sports bra I wore in the workout section – so much so that I bought it! I believe it’s on sale – check it out on the House of Fraser site, link below.

strongI LOVE this sports bra – plus it makes my boobs look big! 

Rebecca x

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The vid was shot by Shoot the Company for House of Fraser where you can find all my outfits…

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