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So here’s how it happened: I got a text from supermodel Tuuli, successful in her own right as a model and yogi, as well as wife of mega photographer Rankin. They seem to tweet to each other about dogs a lot, so they’re my kinda people!

tuuli1Beautiful Tuuli

We always have a nice catch up castings, after having worked together yonks ago. She asked if I was around to appear on the BBC at 9PM to talk about the skinny model debate. It was 5:30 PM. My mind whirled! OMG! I had loads of shopping and I was nearly home! What should I do?

Then my sanity returned and I realised that I should GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY WITH BOTH HANDS, so I texted back an enthusiastic YES!! It all happened so quickly – I got off at the next stop, talked to the producer and my car was booked for 8PM. It was time to think about the important stuff: what to say? WHAT TO WEAR?

I texted my booker, Igor, and asked him what I was allowed to wear. He said what he always says: skinny jeans and a black top. Nothing stripey or flowerey, which rules out everything else in my wardrobe, anyway.

I wondered about rebelling and wearing one of my many art teacher dresses, but my friend and BBC presenter Emilia Papadopoulos said no green or stripey clothes. So best to go with Igor’s advice!

I decided to pair it with a People Tree blazer – not only is it smart, but it’s a chance to be a worthy Ambassador for the brand I love!

Finally, glittery gold heels to top off the outfit, because a girl needs some pizzazz! (as it was, I could have gone totally naked underneath from the waist down as the bench hid it all – no one watching would have known).

Aaaah! I had a tiny amount of time to shower – no time to do my hair, so some Colab Dry Shampoo for volume and my 1 minute natural Pixi make up look.

THE CAR WAS HERE! I practiced saying words out loud, just in case I’d forgotten how to speak.

Arriving at the studios at 8:50, I was to be on in just ten minutes!!! I was led to the green room (not very glam – like a 6th form common room but slightly less smelly). I stood there like a lemon, feeling very excited. Not nervous, just excited.

I was led to make up at 8:58. Errr – not a bit late, guys? I was on in 2 minutes? Nope – a LOT of powder and even more blusher was applied on top of my base, with lightning speed. The make up artist ranted on about his opinions on the skinny model debate, which I studiously ignored whilst smiling my vacant smile. Not to be rude, but I didn’t want to accidentally say his opinions if I got nervous.


I was led to the news room, which is totally a shiny newsroom – but in a bunker! A lovely chap told me that I’d run up the ramp to my seat while the video played, and he’d attach a mic to my lapel. OOOOH! I started to worry that I had forgotten how to talk, and that I might piss myself also.

I ran up the ramp, sat down and greeted Alice, who is lovely. Her job is INSANE – she managed to get all the facts in a matter of seconds, built up a rapport instantly with me, and presented our segment so smoothly.

So before it was my time, I started worrying that I had builder’s bum. I was PRETTY sure that my butt was hidden by the desk, but what if it wasn’t and my bum eclipsed my serious segment? I stood up to delicately hoik up my jeans, tripped over the chair and my mic fell off. Oops.

IT WAS TIME!!!!! EEEEE! It went smoothly and I felt like I did listen to her questions, didn’t nod my head too much and didn’t overly waffle. There were parts where I was like ‘WHY AM I SAYING THIS?!?!?’ but sometimes I thought ‘wow get me’! It was on stuff I’ve spoken about before – whether or not Paris is right to consider banning models with a BMI of under 18.

NewspiccieNot my best angle, but what can ya do?

It went so slow, yet also massively fast. Watching back the video, here are my main thoughts, in precisely this order:

1) My hair looks great from the back

BBC news hairThanks, Burt’s Bees Shampoo!

2) The camera added 10 pounds. TO MY FACE:


And I pulled some rather strange expressions. Must work on that.

BBCWEIRDOMG look it’s my name under my face on the news!!!

4) I felt rather proud watching it

I’m not slick, but for some of it I seem considered and I definitely come across as myself. I agree with everything I say apart from THAT WEIRD CRISPS ON THE SOFA COMMENT! I CANNOT EXPLAIN THAT AND I AM SORRY!

So there we have it! I ran back down the ramp and was taken to my car by Russell, a very nice chap indeed who got this video to me by the time I was home! I must say I didn’t sleep very well, was excited all through my dreams and awoke on my birthday feeling amazing!

So thank you Tuuli, and thank you BBC!!!!

Rebecca x

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  1. Stassia wrote:

    Oh my God I am swelling with pride! What a wonderful achievement, what amazing timing as well – you did so well! So eloquent and so positive and so nice and smiley! Love it! Happy birthday!

  2. You’re such a natural!!!!! Go You!!!

  3. Louise wrote:

    So proud of you, you were fab, very articulate and got some excellent points across! Yay well done you xx

  4. caroline wrote:

    amazing job!! brains & beauty!!! congrats, keep up the awesome work xoxo

  5. Sarah wrote:

    Such a fantastic interview! Well done Rebecca. You should be really proud! X

  6. Trex wrote:

    You’re a natural. SO brave to do something like this at the last minute- but you clearly didn’t need any longer to prepare! Very chuffed for you 🙂 xx

  7. Chloe Pridham wrote:

    Babe u killed it…totally natural!! V impressed

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