Modeltypeface on the BBC News

I’ve been at it again!

On Saturday, I woke up for my TheYogaProduction class and, bleary eyed and with only 15 minutes to get ready, I saw a stream of texts from my excellent friend Emilia Papadopoulos asking me to pop down to Hyde Park. I’ve seen Emilia work her way up to becoming a proper BBC news presenter, and she’s a total pro – it was a real treat to watch her in action!

So anyway, she asked me for my opinion on the Protein World protests from a model’s perspective. It just so happened that I had posted a blog that day on the whole issue, so it was all very clear in my mind.

Hope you like the vid!

I might add that I very diva-ishly demanded that my feet not be included – I was wearing running trainers as I didn’t have any other options!

emilameEmilia and I do the classic ‘walk and talk’ shot…


bbc picIt’s impossible to get a decent screen shot when I’m talking…

My Bardot stripey top and star & moon earrings are from People Tree

Rebecca x

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