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So! Yesterday was a big day! Whilst I was on a big shoot, my Telegraph article came out, in which I weighed in on the YSL ad that has been banned by the ASA. The model, they had deemed, looks far too thin and I have to say I agree.

YSL banned

The article coming out was exciting but I was surprised to see a few more additions, like ‘famine and plague’, that I hadn’t written. It looked more sensational – and it looked like something I’d be more likely to click on if I were a reader, so I understood! Having your words edited is a bit like photoshop – you just accept it.

Anyway, the article got me noticed, because SKY NEWS asked me to come to the studio that evening to be interviewed for their main news show! I hoped my shoot would finish on time and wished that my hair hadn’t been straightened for the shoot – I hate flat hair!

So I headed off and felt like I did quite well! Here’s the vid but first things first…


I said to the make up artist: “I probably need more powder,” and he said, “Nooo, I know exactly what the light is like – you’ll look glowing but not shiny.”

I look shiny. And my hair is flat. But the most important thing is that I don’t waffle, and I DIDN’T TALK ABOUT CRISPS!!!

Let me know what you think! Do you think the model looks too thin?

Love Rebecca, AKA The Glowing Voice of Reason (coined by Luke Richards!) x


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  1. Lucy Baker wrote:

    She looks like she’s OD’d, I think. No sex appeal or romance about that Ad and surely sex appeal sells…

    • modeltypeface wrote:

      Well when the newsreader asked if I thought they were trying to do another ‘Opium’…I was thinking “No, cos it’s not very good!” I’ve heard ‘crime scene’ and ‘drug addict’ a lot in relation to this shot. I don’t think it’s great, either. xx

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