Modeltypeface on Sky News over Topshop Skinny Mannequins Debate!

Hello all!

I was on the news again!

I’m a bit disappointed as I didn’t think I was on my toppest top form, but a) I wasn’t shiny this time and b) you try answering questions that are centred around the newsreader sitting in his underpants!!

Anyways – I think it’s great Topshop are listening to their customers, and I really do hope it’s the start of a new phase of seeing a variety of mannequin shapes.

Rebecca x

PS have this. Caption competition!


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  1. fay wrote:

    Well done for managing to respond to random comments made by 2 interviewers rather than focussed questions on an agreed subject! Especially while trying not to picture the male interviewer in his pants!!!

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