Modeltypeface off to…Brno…Where Is Brno? I Hear You Ask…

Hello! I’m off to Brno.

Brno is in the Czech Republic, so I’m definitely not going over there to get a tan.

What it lacks in vitamin D, it makes up for it with an amazing house built by the celebrated architect Mies Van Der Rohe.

I know about it because I read a book called The Glass Room, which is based on the history of the building. It was a very cutting edge design for the time. The book, which is sort of fact-based-in-fiction, a bit like Made in Chelsea I guess, tells us about a wealthy Jewish family who get the house built, live in it but then are forced out as the Nazis rise to power. The house then changes hands many times and I won’t ruin the ending for you, suffice to say it’s a gripping and pretty timely read.

It’ll be a whistlestop tour and I’ll be back Monday night, ready for a big casting Tuesday – so I’d better avoid the vino…

The Tugendhat. Pic from Pinterest

Much love Rebecca xxxx


  1. Anthony wrote:

    What a great trip – the Villa Tugendhat looks awesome and cold air is good for you. Allegedly.

  2. peggysue wrote:

    Hadn’t heard about the house or the book. Will be exploring both I hope.

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