Modeltypeface off on Holiday!

Hello all! So I’m off on holiday for ten days. And you can totally keep up with my adventures on Instagram and Facebook, but I’ll be taking a PROPER holiday. Where I talk to Theo. And do nothing. And read. Eat. Stop trying to get a perfect Insta shot of something I wasn’t actually doing. Not write little update posts that end up taking hours, pictures to go with it, then sharing on social media….Totally ruining the idea of a proper holiday! (The freelancers curse, we can’t rest).

I have worried in previous years that taking proper time out from the website means that, by the time I come back, I will be cast out of any relevance and forgotten to a dusty corner of the blogosphere. But I trust you all, especially as I’m either related to or friends with most of you, that you’ll still remember Modeltypeface upon my return!

Cos I must say, between my ES and other journalism, TV appearances, modelling and Modeltypeface, I am truly enjoying the momentum, the work, the excitement, the non-stop activity and the passion I feel when I’m doing them all. But I need a proper holiday to come back, refreshed, and not sporting a cold!


So I hope you all survive Fashion Week – read some tips for surviving here and here – nail all the shows, enjoy the pics of posers outside Somerset House and try not to have too much fun without me. 😉

I’m off on an urban wellness retreat in Mayfair for ES (LOL) and then Greece to meet my dear Theo who’s been there for ages and sounds much more chilled than me!

Love you all,

Rebecca xxx

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