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I just wanted to share with you the incredible day I had last Wednesday. I was taken to Daylesford Farm (where I had previously completed a beekeeping course with Tania of Therapi Beauty), to experience Bamford Haybarn Spa.


And you all need to go, too!

Spa days shouldn’t just be about hen dos, Mother’s Days or birthday present vouchers. I never treat myself to this sort of thing because I assume I’m too busy, too poor and it’ll bring on self-indulgent guilt.

But since returning from my day in the countryside, where I left my city baggage at the door and truly unwound, I’ve actually found myself ten times more productive and creative – but in a mega zen way!

So the day, by any standards, was a pinch-me experience. We got the train to Kingham and people this was not a long journey! It took just over an hour and I was just chatting to Ashley of The Beaux Journals and stealing all of her Instagram tips (I’ve got to treat it like a game of chess). If you were with your Mum or a best friend, that time would fly by as you chat and catch up and look out the window at the stunning scenery.

It did help that we were enjoying a confusingly beautiful, sunny and warm day, which you can tell I wasn’t expecting from my wooly jumper and tights combo!

A transfer took us to Daylesford Farm, which is available to those who get the train in. After ten minutes we arrived in ten minutes and it was a joy to return to the place. There’s an aura about Daylesford, like the lay lines all meet there and make it all magnetic and magic and calming and uplifting. I trundled out of the car and breathed deep and took in the gentle trees, the farm shop, the verdant fields and ‘aaaah’! It was like I didn’t even need that massage! (Though I wasn’t gonna say no).


We were taken to a gorgeous waiting room looking out onto an orchard and blue, blue skies where I filled in a form saying what sort of pressure I’d like and where I’d like the massage to be focused. Er, everywhere? I chose my upper back, because it’s mega tight and painful from all the leaning over and typing I do, and the carrying of a FAR too heavy backpack every day!


It was time to start. I was led away by Maria, who asked me to choose from three warmed oils. Rosemary, Geranium and Rose and Chamomile.


It’s all about whether you want to be balanced, energised or relaxed. Despite the other two being my most FAVOURITE scents in the world, my intuition went with with the chamomile, known for it’s unwinding and calming properties.


The massage began and Dear God I can’t really tell you that much about it because, unusually for me, I slightly lost myself. I don’t have much experience of professional massage, more getting them from boyfriends and let’s face it, as well-intentioned as those are they always end up focusing on your bum. NO-one’s buttocks are that knotty! Maria was sort of fast and smooth and intense but never painful got right into the knots without every eliciting a yelp from me. She found so many knots, which were gone by the end of the massage. I was walking taller and I really did feel calmer – at the same time, I felt sort of melt-y and lifted and blissed out. As you can tell from this post-massage pic! A cup of restorative tea (it had yerba mate, liquorice, nettle, mint and lemonbalm I believe) had me slowly returning to earth.


We then had a tour of the grounds, which are stunning, and had a look in the shop and at the beauty products.


Bamford don’t make any old beauty products. Developed by Lady Bamford, who has been a visionary in organic farming and beauty, these are inspired by the nature she walks through every day, from the perfumes to the serums and the body washes. You really do feel that the scents wafting through the breeze as you walk through the farm are infused directly into the products and that’s why using them gives you a certain sort of serenity and joyfulness, because they come from a very real place of love.

I’m going to focus more on the actual day though today, as you can expect a Bamford review once I’ve given them a good and thorough testing!

OK So lunch. People, it was insane! I felt like a Hemsley sister.


When I make bone broth at home, all I end up with is an insipid salty water and a very smelly flat. These were rich, deep, healthy and nourishing, and all of it sourced from the organic farm. The salads were juicy and fresh and unusual (kale with toasted coconut might sound a bit strange but believe me, it worked!) I do love my healthy food on most days but I get waylaid by boyfriend/shoot/grab-and-go food so I found this inspiring, like I was determined to go home and give these recipes a go because even immediately my energy was picking up from my dozy, stressed London body!

After lunch we had a yoga class (not the most ideal timing after stuffing myself with lunch, but probably the ultimate #FirstWorldProblem right there! You all know me as a bit of a yoga lover, and quite frankly I have never had a yoga class as amazing as this one was. Teacher Vettri grew up on an Ashram, he IS yoga, and he radiated a joyous and gleeful energy (though obviously in a very calming and yogi-ish way!) He was concerned not to put any pressure on our stomachs so soon after eating, and I prepared myself for one of those gentle yoga classes that are very nice but don’t actually DO much for you.


HOW WRONG I WAS! Seriously I was aching and stretched out the next day. There was something about his flow that really got the chi aligned and had me even more uplifted than I had been post-massage.

A few days have passed since my Bamford Haybarn day, and I I said before I still feel the benefits. I feel more productive, I have been eating in a fresher and more inventive way (I made some fermented turmeric paste and dyed my entire being and kitchen yellow, for example). I slept the deepest, most restorative sleep on my return and even rush hours and people’s leaking headphones aren’t affecting my zen like they usually do.

Don’t wait for a huge life event to treat yourself here. Get booking when you’ve finished a run of shoots or big jobs and you feel flush but utterly spent and exhausted and full of plane food. Go there when your body needs love and so does your soul, and stay overnight. You don’t even need to spend a bomb. If you’ve been planning to spend more time  with your best friends you could make it even more special by taking your group to the Bamford Haybarn ‘bubble’  -book your train ticket way in advance, book one treatment or a yoga class and then just enjoy soaking up the magic of the grounds.

Your body, brain and productivity will thank you!

Check out other locations of Bamford Spas here

And check out Bamford Haybarn Spa here and please go, then tell me about how much you loved it!

Rebecca x

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