Modeltypeface’s Top 5 Tips to Help you Beat the January Blues…

I don’t know about other markets, but modelling in London in January is rather slowThere are jobs and castings, definitely – but it’s rarely the most satisfying satisfying month of work.

Plus – can I be honest with you? Even with the odd gym visit and jog, I still feel a bit…Well…Crusted over. I’m out of my usual eating habits, I am shaking with fear at the thought of putting my wasted limbs through Barre Pilates tomorrow and my fringe is less of a fringe and more of a…

ponyfringeBasically how I look, but less glossy.

I’ve spent the last few days of my holiday with a real ‘back to school’ heavy dread feeling. But I’ve been around the block. I’ve survived modelling in January a fair few times. Though the agency has just started up, the beginning of January is most likely gonna be fairly slow and uneventful for most of us. .

All you’ll really have is the odd BHA (British Hair Award) casting, in which every single model in London will show up (as there are no other castings). We’ll all get there 5 minutes before the start time, as we know there’s always a long queue, which obviously results in a stupidly long queue shivering outside the building before the client (belatedly) decides to let us in start. Cue the chaos of everyone wanting to know ‘who was last’ and the cheeky girls pushing in.

You’ll stay and queue, because if you don’t you’ll have done nothing all day and wasted a train ticket. However, by the time you actually make it to the client, they will be so overcome with what I like to call ‘Model Fatigue’ that they’ll carry on a conversation with one another, studiously ignoring you and your book, and give you a painfully dismissive ‘thank-you’.

Not only will you feel a bit shit, but everyone else is looking sleek in their mini skirts and tight bodycon clothes and, for some reason, bare arms. Do these girls not feel the cold?!?!

Don’t let it get you down: follow my failsafe guide to making it through the model world’s very own ‘Dry January;.’

1) It’s Rocky Montage Time

Perhaps you’ve eaten raw cacao nibs and celery all over the festive period: bully for you. The rest of us can look upon January as a chance to establish good habits and hit the gym (there are all sorts of offers and deals on).

I want your January to be like a Rocky Montage.


2)  Get prepped for Fashion Week

Fashion Week is just around the corner in February, so, as well as Rocky Montaging throughout January, get yourself on test shoots for an updated portfolio, and keep practising your walk.

3) Have Something Else To Do…Or you’ll go Stir Crazy

Now I have the blog and can write whenever I have free time. In days gone by, during quiet times, I used to sit around panicking/rocking in a chair instead.

Get a part-time job in a bar or cafe, do your studies, start a distance learning course or a Youtube channel – just do something! The reason that this is SO IMPORTANT is that you won’t walk into castings radiating desperation. You’ll radiate the energy of someone who is busy and focused and therefore very desirable to book.

4) Don’t listen to the Bitches saying They’re ‘Just So Busy’

They’re probably lying – we all panic in January! Just keep focusing on your own career and wellbeing. And remember what I said about dealing with jealousy!

5) Go and see your Bookers Loads

Waltz in the agency regularly, making tea and being delightful. There will be loads of new girls in town and you need to remind your bookers that you exist…Like Pavlov’s dogs, hopefully they will associate the sound of your name with a feeling of happiness and the taste of a perfect brew.

Rebecca x

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