Modeltypeface Heads to Obonjan!

My sincerest apologies, MTFers, for my absence over the last few days. I’ve been working so blimming hard! Firstly, I headed off in the wee, wee hours of Wednesday to fly to Croatia for a shoot (more of which later). Then, over the Bank Holiday I was a) catching up on 3 day’s sleep and b) applying for a writing scholarship.

I have learnt my lesson, folks. Usually a rather organised person, I made a comedy of errors and only I am to blame (and guiltily look at my very helpful, supportive boyfriend). I thought, to apply, I had to make a video of me making a dish of food and send it off for the 9th of May.

When I got to Theo’s and read the instructions, I had to WRITE 2000 WORDS ABOUT MY DISH, 1500 WORDS ABOUT WHY I WANTED TO WIN and take PHOTOS of me making the dish FOR THE 1ST OF MAY and IT WAS THE 1ST!

Nevermind – Theo got to taking the photos and I got to making my baklava, wondering how in God’s name I was going to write 2000 words by that evening about it.

_MG_0041Pic by Theo Games Petrohilos

Then we headed to Greek Easter at his Dad’s, while I secretly panicked about those 3500 I’d have to bash out in a few hours when I was back.

But bash them out I did, and I was rather proud of my first essay – the second wasn’t so great. But it was OK, because Theo had discovered that the deadline was THE NEXT DAY!

Ho hum. I got a decent sleep and woke up, re-wrote the 1500 entry, and went to fill in the online form.

I put in the recipe, my details, then copied and pasted my entry. Why was it only letting me paste 1 and a half paragraphs?


That’s like…a couple of quite chatty emails to your Mum or something. Nevermind – the entry is up, I’m not as proud of it as I am of my 2000 word homage to baklava that I am in disbelief I managed to complete. Frankly, I’m going to be posting it on MTF so it can be celebrated in all it’s waffley glory.

So anyways. Croatia! What a shoot! I was feeling a little hesitant, because it wasn’t actually paid in cash, but in kind: Obonjan is to be an island where creative, yoga-y, spiritual folk go and enjoy music and sunshine and juice and meditation, and they’d put me up for a week with Theo later in the year. Which is right up my street! These opportunities do come along in modelling and it’s hard to know whether to say, ‘I should only be paid in the sort of funds I can feed myself with, thank you,’ or to just say yes to everything like I tend to.

I said yes, because if nothing else I would look upon the opportunity as a chance to get photos for my portfolio in a stunning location. In modelling you do need to know when to speculate to accumulate, and because I trust that my agency would send me on a shoot with talented people and because I quite fancied a day in Croatia(!), I said YES!

However, as a job like that approaches, images of terrible styling/photography/working all hours can flash through one’s mind (and most models have been there). And when the cab driver dropped me off, after a 3 hour drive, in what felt like the middle of nowhere and I had to use my nose to find the team (they were near the sea; I tried to smell the sea…I probably looked like a proud stray dog) I was starting to feel the dread.

Then I met the team. Friendly, stylish, cool, obviously run off their feet working super hard…I could sense it was going to be a good shoot. The styling was by the ladies behind She’s Lost Control, a super cool boutique in Hackney, and the make up by Anna Wild who was a real joy to work with. We did a couple of shots around town (it was really windy and I kept accidentally flashing my nipples at the gathering crown of teenage boys as my floaty clothes went crazy in the stormy winds. Awkward). I then collapsed into bed and fell into a crazy deep sleep, slightly tense and scared I’d sleep through my second 4:45AM alarm clock the next day.

But I didn’t, and it was time to head to Obonjan on the boat with about 35 Croat builders who looked slightly baffled to be sharing their commute with a bunch of top-knotted ladies. The island is beautiful and you all have to go! Pine trees, white beaches, azure blue seas, winding paths and stunning views of the other islands, it’s a really special place with a certain feeling of magic about it. And, despite the weather forecast being abysmal, the sun was shining and the sky was blue for the first half of the shoot!

imageSneaky preview from Samara Morris on her Instagram

It was a bit of a confidence boost. I’ve been working out loads (despite a bit of a Passover hiccup – you can’t NOT eat loads!) and feeling a bit good about myself, but I’m just not a swimwear model – nor have I ever been. I feel quite uncomfortable in a studio casting in my undies. But on a shoot like this, when I’m on location and I basically have no choice but to done the swimwear, I can just go with it and feel confident and luckily Samara Morris is an amazing photographer who loves shooting women and crops/frames/lights a photo really flatteringly.

imagePic by Anna Wild

Now I’m not saying there were low points. I kept having to pee in bushes, and every time I did I’d hear a builder whistle. It also started to get SUPER cold so I’d don my woolen coat between ‘sunbathing’ shots. And at the very end of the day, the heavens opened while we waited for the boat to pick us up. But I loved it, and I was in my element – having to talk to my imaginary friend, or stop my imaginary friends splashing me for shots. If my rep is ‘The Model With No Shame’ then so be it!

I’ve come back feeling good about myself, excited for the new pictures and ready to rock my castings.

If you want any info about Obonjan Island then head to their website and Instagram xx

Love Rebecca xx

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